Do you avoid sun rays? Well, stop doing it because sunlight deficiency is bad for your health.

The Journal of Internal Medicine has let loose some incredible research about our changing health. It has revealed that sunlight deficiency is as bad for us as smoking!

The Swedish study conducted its research on around 30,000 women, assessing the differences in sun exposure and subsequent mortality.

The study, which began in the early nineties, studied the women’s sun habits, how often they sunbathed and the impact on their health.

The results are surprising. They concluded that women with sun exposure habits had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and non-cancer death than those who avoided the sun.

They also discover that this was largely due to the increased mortality rate of sunlight deficiency candidates.

In simple terms, because they lived longer they were actually at greater risk of cancer. By increasing your exposure to the sun, you decrease your lifespan and your risk of cancer.

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the modern world, this is largely because so many of them go overdiagnosed and are overtreated. It’s actually dangerous to live too long.

But how does this relate to smoking? Surely smoking is worse?

Well. The study, in fact, concluded that the non-smokers who avoided the sun had a similar life expectancy to the smokers who got the most amount of sun. So avoiding the sun is as harmful to your health as smoking… Wow.

Of course, that’s not to say that we should all sit in the sun every day and absorb the terrible toxins and rays that come with it. Sun exposure should be controlled, with use of a high factor sunscreen and only enjoyed at the safe times of the day, i.e. not between 11 am and 3 pm.

Sun exposure, if regulated in this way, is as important to human health as clean water and food. The energy we get from the sun helps pump the blood around our bodies and energize us.

Other associated studies have even suggested that our bodies may be able to convert the harmful rays of sunlight and turn it into useful energy.

What’s strange is that we have known about the benefits of sunlight for centuries, and yet in our modern world so many health organizations and groups advocate sunlight avoidance.

Ancient civilizations that worshiped the sun and its power understood that it is vital to humankind. It allows us to stay healthy and alive, and yet we ignore this historical knowledge.

Our modern behavior of spending so much of our time indoors is not natural or healthy.

In fact, it leads to our physical and psychospiritual degeneration.

As this study shows, and so much more are continuing to reveal, our cellular bioenergetics rely on the sun and possibly are even able to harvest its power.

Having a routine exposure to the sun may be as important as taking your vitamins, and not having it may be as bad as smoking. It’s as simple as that.



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