Do you want to give your home a personal touch? You will be surprised to know that sock crafts can enhance the home and are a way to exercise your creativity. Here are a few fantastic DIY sock projects and other ways to make your old socks useful.

7 Amazing Sock Crafts

1. Snug Cup

  1. Grab a clean jar and stretch a clean sock over it. The mouth should cover the top of it.
  2. Leave enough of the material to extend beneath the container. Then, mark it where you plan to cut it with a marker.
  3. Remove it and use a pair of scissors and cut a toe at the mark. Return the sock to the jar, and you’re finished.

2. Sock Door Stopper

This door stopper is a show stopper. To make it, you’ll need:

  • Long socks
  • Dried Popcorn
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Fabric scrap
  • Sewing materials

a. Measure the length of the doorway on which you’ll use the door stopper. Cut fabric that’s about an inch longer than your measurement, and make sure that it’s about ten inches wide. Fold the fabric in half and pin it. Sew the length of the material and one end so that you will have a long tube.

b. Alternately, fill the stopper with popcorn and pillow stuffing. These will give shape to the sock. Once it is full, sew it closed.

3. Arm Warmers

Turn your socks into arm warmers. You’ll need a pair of socks and sewing materials.

Part 1

a. Cut the thumb opening from one heel shaping seam to the other. To decide where you want to cut the opening, slip the sock onto your hand.

b. Cut another 11/2 inches from the opening. You will need this to make the cuffs.

c. Cut off 1/4 from the cuff piece and the rest from the finger cuff.

d. Pin one end of the cuff piece to the inside corner of the thumb opening. Then, pin the middle of the cuff to the thumb opening corner. Make sure that the right sides are facing.

e. Stretch out the thumb opening and pin between the other pins. Secure the other end around by the inside corner and put the last one between them. You should now have five pins.

f. Sew with the edge of the sock aligned with the sole. Stretch the sock and make it smooth.

g. Turn your new arm warmer inside out and secure the side of the thumb cuff with a pin. Sew to close up the opening. Once done, poke a finger through the opening, fold the hem in half and press it.

h. Secure the fold with a slip stitch. Remember not to pull the open part too tight as it will stretch a little.

i. Fold the longer piece in half, width-wise. Make sure the right sides face each other. Sew up the short edge.

Part 2

j. Once done, fold it lengthwise with the wrong sides facing each other. The raw edges should match.

k. Pin the cuff to the right side of the sock. The three raw edges should match. Then, sew on the pressure foot.

l. You’ve finished after tucking in the seam. Repeat the process with the second sock.

4. Lamp Painting Sock

You will need long socks for this craft. Snip off the toe of one so that you will have a long tube. From this, cut another piece that measures 4 to 5 inches. It will cover your lamp socket. Take the remaining long piece and cover the cord of your lamp with it. Then, start painting it with your preferred designs. The sock will keep the cord paint-free.

5. Sock Bean Bags

Do you have too many extra popcorn kernels and beans? Use them as bean bag stuffing. Fill up your old socks with them and give them to your kids. Your children will have fun playing games with them in the garden.

6. Sock Bouquet

It isn’t easy to give gifts to men because their needs are, at times, too straightforward. That said, you can make a run-of-the-mill gift interesting. Lay your sock out and fold up the end. Keep one end tight and keep the other loose. Begin rolling the stocking and fold it over when you get to the bend. Do this to keep it straight. Roll and fold again as needed. The folds make your sock flower full.

7. Pirate Toy

Fido will love you for this fun and inexpensive creation. You will need striped socks and an empty water bottle. Remove the cap, ring, and tablet from the water bottle and insert it into the sock. Tie a knot at the open end. The result is a Pirate Toy that will keep your pet occupied for quite a while.

10 Amazing Ways to Upcycle Old Socks

If you have still-attractive, old pairs of socks that you no longer wear, find another use for them. Here are a few ways to make them functional.

1. Wrapping Wine Bottles

First of all, jazz up that bottle of wine which you grab and bring with you to dinner parties. Wrap it in a sock and show that you’ve put thought into your gift.

2. Sock Bun

Also, you can use old socks to create fancy hairdos in minutes. They make your hair look full.

3. Ear Warmers

Another way to use old socks is to warm your ears with them. Your old socks will keep you looking trendy during the winter months.

4. Boot Socks

These are all the rage. Add lace to your old socks and wear them with boots.

5. Decorate Plant Pots

Use old socks to cover up your plant pots. Your balcony will look less humdrum.

6. Cleaning dirty blinds

Sock crafts aren’t the only ways to make old socks useful. You could use them to take the dust off dirty screens.

7. Swiffer Pads

You can use old socks to clean the floor as well. Wrap them around your Swiffer and use them as pads.

8. Dryer Balls

Fill your stocking with essential oils and turn them into dryer balls.

9. iPhone Arm Band

You can create an armband pocket for your mobile devices. Just cut off the leg of one of your tube socks, slip it onto your arm and double the material around your bicep. You can tuck the device between the elastic layers.

10. Rescuing hardware

Just slide an old sock over the hose of a vacuum cleaner and secure it with a rubber band. Use it to suck up dropped screws, nuts, and nails.

In all, sock crafts are ways to exercise your creativity and put old warmers to good use. Try these out and turn your old socks into efficient, and eye-catching tools.

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