Job dissatisfaction is one of the chief causes of stress, depression, and frictional unemployment, which slows down the economy and stunts GDP growth. It seems natural at some point to be in a job that you do not want to be a part of at all. In that scenario, it is best to plan what to do next.

Job dissatisfaction is unhealthy, unsatisfying, and unfortunately all too common in American workplaces.

For the sake of your health, happiness, and wallet, here are five things that you can start doing if you find that your job does not satisfy you anymore.

1. Figure out the Exact Cause of Your Job Dissatisfaction

Is the root of your job dissatisfaction one caused by a specific person? Is it caused by the nature of the job itself? Does the brand you have been hired to represent not correspond with your own values?

Figuring out which element of your job is making you unhappy is going to be one of the keys to finding happiness again, especially if you are not looking to quit your current job.

Sometimes, this is something that you cannot control, such as unhappiness caused by a shift in corporate values, but other times, you can solve the problem.

For instance, if someone is bothering you while you are on the job, then you can speak privately with someone who works in the Human Resources department or a manager and gain some of your joy back.

2. Try to Remember Why You Started Working There in the First Place

This is something to consider especially if this is a career-oriented position such as a medical profession or a teaching career.

While the systems that you work in may not be functioning at the highest efficiency or if your sector gets slighted by government budgets year after year, then you can be disheartened on the job. But with that, it is important to recall why this was your dream job in the first place.

You may have lost the sense of wonder about your job since you got the job, to begin with. However, reaching back to your roots and remembering that you took this job so that you could change lives or truly help people can be one thing that makes you delight in working again.

3. Sometimes, Another Job is the Only Option

If your situation is truly desperate, resulting from a culmination of things, then it may be time for you to actively consider getting a new job. There is a multitude of resources available for unemployed people in all fields: online writing forums where people hire freelancers, online job platforms for industry-specific jobs, and general job pages on other sites.

Make sure that if you transition from this job into another one that you are not selling out simply for the sake of paying the bills. Keep your worth. You deserve that because you have value and you just took care of yourself by leaving a work environment that did not make you happy.

4. See If You Can Change Positions at the Same Company

Is working with customers draining you of your energy? Maybe you should consider being at least temporarily moved to somewhere where you only have to work with employees or consider switching shifts. Seeing things from a different perspective can help you see the light and joy that comes from your place of work.

In order to be able to do this, though, you need to have a good relationship with management. However, if managers are part of your problem, then this strategy may not work for you.

You can power through it and try to talk to one of them about switching for a day. But if that seems like too much emotional effort at an already draining workplace, then you have the right to refuse that and seek an alternate route.

5. Spice Things Up with New Skills and New Platforms

Try adding a twist to something that you already do if you’re able to. For instance, if you always run and get coffee before meetings, take an alternate route and enjoy the new view. You may just find a new favorite part of your city.

Any way that you can complete the same task while also adding in a bit of novelty is fair so that you don’t get bored.

Here are some other things that you could try and that will help you deal with job dissatisfaction:

  • Taking alternate routes to and from your job
  • Sitting and talking with new people on your breaks
  • Switching shifts, if you can, to meet new customers
  • Switch up your outfits if you can or add personality to your uniform

Spark Joy in Your Job

Spark Joy in Your Job

Hopefully, these five things can have you on your way to a happier, more fulfilled employment experience. These leave you a variety of options, so even if the problem of job dissatisfaction is not completely gone, it is hopefully drastically reduced.



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