Healing meditation has been a powerful force in ancient yoga practices, proving the power of the mind over the body.

Various types of meditation, including this one, have been practiced throughout history, dating back to prehistoric origins. Although meditation is traditionally practiced in religious contexts, it has been spreading across the world since the 19th Century.

Meditation is a practice where the individual uses a thought technique, such as mindfulness and focus, to train their attention and awareness. Many find that they achieve mental clarity, emotional stability, and a state of complete calm.

There are many different forms of meditation that can achieve many different things. Here, we will focus on a meditation practice that will help you switch on the healing mechanism of your body.

What is healing meditation?

It is a practice that helps people to focus on what ails them. People struggling with chronic illness and pain can use healing meditation to improve their condition. Although it has not been proven to cure specific ailments, many patients report that practicing meditation has improved their condition when used alongside medical treatments.

With guided imagery, the patient creates mental pictures of your body fighting the illness or pain from which you suffer. For example, you may imagine your white blood cells fighting off an infection.

How does it work?

How does healing meditation work

In general, meditation reduces anxiety, which can cause radical positive changes in the body. Anxiety and stress are two of the most common causes of illness and weakened immune systems. By reducing anxiety and stress through meditation can really help to improve the immune system and help your body fight disease.

Moreover, healing meditation promotes positivity and open-mindedness. Many patients who suffer from long-term illness can lose hope and have little faith in a full recovery. Practicing meditation can improve an individual’s approach to their healing by opening their mind to the chance of recovery.

How to practice healing meditation

Meditation can be practiced in as little as ten minutes. However, you can meditate for as long as you like. The beauty of it is that you choose how long you meditate for, so it fits easily into all lifestyles. The most difficult part is getting started.

We have a few pointers to help you begin your journey of healing meditation. This can easily be practiced in the comfort of your own home, but some find being outside calming and refreshing.

Start by creating your meditation space

Your meditation space should be somewhere comfortable and free of distractions or disruptions. The size of your space depends on whether you plan to be sitting or lying down when you meditate. This may depend on your particular ailment. You may choose to have some relaxing music or be outside with the sounds of nature.

Make sure you’re comfortable

Wear cozy clothing and use cushions to make sure you are in a comfortable position. If you are lying down, support your head. If you are sitting up, keep your back straight at your core engaged to support the rest of your body, almost like a string is pulling you up from the top of your head.

Close your eyes and focus on what you feel

Closing your eyes will free you of any visual distractions. This is often the hardest step because it can feel a little silly at first. Focus on what you feel. This might be the pressure from the ground where you are sat or lying down. It might be the breeze. Let yourself really feel the different sensations of your body.

Focus on your breath

Take a few deep breaths and really focus on filling your lungs when you inhale. Exhale slowly and keep it controlled. Take the time to pause and really get into a comfortable rhythm.

Release your tensions

Come back to what you feel but this time, focus on what you feel within your body. Imagine that the tensions within your body are represented by a color. The tenser a body part is, the more intense the color. Starting from your toes, imagine that a bright white is traveling up your body, moving the color up and towards your chest and relaxing your entire body.

As the color reaches your chest deeply exhale and feel the tension release into the air.

Create your mental picture

When your body is relaxed, begin to create your mental picture of what ails you. If it is a pain, imagine your muscles healing themselves. If it is an illness, imagine your white blood cells attacking the disease. Make your image as vivid as possible.

Slowly come back to your body

When you want to finish the meditation, it is important not to snap back into your body as it can be a shock. Take your time and you will maintain your relaxed state. Start to refocus on what your body can feel from the environment, where you are sat and what you can feel. Listen to what you can hear and then slowly open your eyes. Don’t rush, just enjoy the relaxation of meditation.

Meditation is an incredible way to focus your energy on fighting disease and healing pain. We hope that we have helped you begin your journey with a healing meditation and that it helps you switch on your body’s healing mechanism.


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