I never knew how to deal with jealous people until I realized how ugly the emotion can be. Jealousy can be a beast, turning you into a toxic person.

I know jealousy is wrong, but I was also a part of the problem. Who am I fooling, I can still be a little jealous at times. I’m not proud of what I am, but I do learn things about myself every day and about others. I also learn how to deal with jealous people and the toxic imprint that they leave behind.

What’s beneath the surface?

Why are people jealous? Have you ever wondered what drove them to feel this way? Well, I have and I know some reasons why. People are jealous because of a couple things. Maybe they feel inadequateor they could be reacting to being neglected as well.

There are just so unfair to make assumptions either way. What we really want to know is how to deal with jealous people. This is not easy.

How to deal with jealous people. Do you know?

Well, I guess you get a small grasp of why people act the way they do, but what about how to deal with them? The truth is, you can do this in several ways. Most importantly, never develop hate in your heart when learning how to deal with jealous people. Here’s how to safeguard yourself.

1. Delete them

If jealous people are stalking your social media and you start to have confrontations, then make them go away. No, I’m not suggesting violence. I mean, delete them from your social media page. Block them from sending messages or commenting on any of your posts.

It’s just that simple. You will not have to deal with toxic and jealous “haters” if they do not exist in your internet world. In fact, it never hurts to cull your friends’ list as a start. Most of the time you never even associate with half of them.

2. Face them

Another way to deal with jealous people is to face them head-on. Now, I don’t mean you should be rude or highly confrontational, rather, I mean, just talk. If a jealous person is willing to discuss why they don’t like you or why they give you a hard time, then you might be able to get to the root of the problem Although this method doesn’t always work, it’s a start and you won’t be ignoring the problem and sweeping it under the rug for next time.

3. Boost yourself

When someone is hating you for no reason, remind yourself that they are the problem, not you. They are the ones who concocted the scenario where you are the enemy.

If you have a clear conscious, then you can feel liberated during their self-bondage. Keep giving yourself pep talks and resist the urge to feel guilty for making someone feel jealous.

4. Be yourself and be positive

No matter how ugly the situation may get, keep being you. Do not change to suit the appetite of others and do not strive to placate them and their fears. Not to say you cannot be kind, just don’t fall into their hate trap. Stay positive and eventually, it will rub off on them.

5. Make a connection

Sometimes spending time with jealous people sends a message to them of compassion. If they are jealous of you or something you have, then offer to share your time or something else of value with them.

In some cases, this helps them understand that you are human just like they are, and you’re willing to sacrifice time to make peace with them.

6. Ignore them

Unfortunately, sometimes all you can do is ignore a jealous person who has a toxic influence on your life.

If you don’t see any improvements when you try to make a connection or confront them, then you should just let their poisonous words and actions go right past you. After a while of ignoring these things, the jealous person might realize that their tactics aren’t working.

How to deal with a jealous person when the jealous person is you

Sometimes, it’s true, the jealous person is you. How do you deal with your negative behavior without losing who you are in inside? How do you preserve your standards and morals while trying to keep an open mind?

Jealousy rears its ugly head and flashes its green eyes to show that it just won’t tolerate something being taken from it. Insecurity and fear will fuel jealousy in the best of us and we must learn to resist.

I think it’s about picking our fights carefully and choosing to put our foot down on our own toxic behavior. This works the same if it’s us or someone else.

Only then can we truly learn how to deal with jealous people, and in turn, learn to deal with the raging beast within ourselves.


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