Finding your dream job is easier than you think. In fact, it’s just a few swipes away on your iPhone.

Now that you have the latest and greatest in cell phone technology in the palm of your hand, you can leverage the Apple ecosystem to discover software that will aid you professionally. Here are the seven best career apps that will give your life a boost.

1. LinkedIn

Professionals have divisive opinions about LinkedIn as a service. Some view it as a cluttered type of social media presence that offers no true value to the user. Others understand the best ways to leverage LinkedIn to maximize job status. This is a skill you should hone.

For all its flaws, LinkedIn remains the best way to boost your professional profile. Over 38 million people use the service monthly, which means there are literally tens of millions of networking opportunities available. This app puts you in direct contact with all of them.

2. CamCard

Once you’ve started making contacts, you will need a convenient way to store them for later access. Rather than risk transcribing errors with email addresses and phone numbers, use CamCard to snap a picture of the card.

It is automatically converted into the app and stored in the memory of your awesome new iPhone device where you can access it later. With a 16 GB memory card, your iPhone can hold a lot of contacts. Users with a reliable network can even access these contacts from their computer or iPad using iCloud technology.

3. Glassdoor

With so many potential employees and coworkers at your fingertips, you need intel about which ones are worth your time. Consider what happens if you accept a job interview only to realize that you don’t want the position. You look flaky and burn a bridge with a potential networking contact.

Now consider what happens if you take a job only to recognize that the company is not for you. You are stuck there until you find a new position. Also, you develop a reputation as someone who doesn’t hold down jobs for long.

Glassdoor prevents all that by providing you access behind the curtain to know what current and past workers think of the company.

4. Shine

The first thing your potential employer will see is your resume. You should think of it as your introduction to every interviewer in the world. Consider what your current resume says about you.

Presuming that you’re like most people, you have created a basic Word document that looks just like the endless stack of resumes from other job applicants.

How do you plan to stand out that way? Shine differentiates you from the competition by adding splashy designs or an infographic style to your resume. The best part is that there is no design experience required because Shine makes it easy.

5. SimplyHired

Now that you know the companies you want to work for and have a resume that sells you well, it’s time to go through the classifieds. SimplyHired drowns out the noise of nearly infinite job options. It provides filtering silos so that you can direct dial the employment positions you seek.

SimplyHired has automatic connectivity with LinkedIn; the two apps working in conjunction allow you to find the dream job you seek and apply for it in one smooth transaction. This app streamlines hours of work into a single process.

6. Interview Prep Questions

Despite all the technological advances in the digital media era, most jobs are still won and lost during the interview process. Exactly what it sounds like, this app transitions you from the process of looking for a job to getting one. The app is programmed with a series of potential interview questions.

You will have a few moments to respond, and afterward, the app reveals a few suggestions that you can use either to incorporate with your answers or replace them.

7. Felt Cards

Courtesy is often overlooked as an aid in getting a job. No, a thank-you card will not win you a position if you bombed the interview, but it does add an extra bit of oomph in reminding the people you met with that you enjoyed their company. Felt does all the hard work for you by letting you craft a gorgeous, printable card via a few menu options.

Finding your dream job is easier than ever in the digital media era. Simply download these apps, most of which have free versions, and you will step firmly on the path toward professional glory.

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