Don’t stay in all winter long. Get out and have some fun! During the winter season, you can enjoy many cool activities with your family.

Most people associate the cold season with Christmas and New Year, full of caroling and spending time with friends. Yes, those are both wonderful times of the year to celebrate and remember. However, there are many fun activities you can enjoy in winter before and between these memorable times.

Activities to make winter special and fun with your family

Although swimming and camping in the summertime are both exhilarating, the cold season provides plenty of options for fun. So, grab your family and read through these ideas.

Maybe you can pick a few of these winter activities together!

1. Baking with family

It doesn’t have to be Christmas eve to bake a yummy batch of cookies. The winter season is a great time all around for baking cookies, cakes, and pies. You can even share your creations with friends and family.

2. Winter Hikes

Hikes aren’t just for the warm season. You can enjoy a wonderful walk in the park, in the woods or just around the neighborhood at any time of the year. If it snows in your neck of the woods, you can take a walk during a soft snowfall. Enjoy the sounds and sights of nature up close with a nice hike.

3. Great time for board games

If you rather stay inside and have fun with the family, a board game works quite well. Break out those monopoly games and enjoy hours of cozy fun by the fire. Adults and children alike love the fun-filled excitement of board games.

4. Help others

Nothing fulfills someone more than giving to others. Be charitable this season by making meals and delivering goodies to hospitals or even the homeless. The whole family can spend time helping others during the winter season. The smiles and gratitude you receive will be more than enough to warm your heart during the cold.

5. Make bird feeders

If you love wildlife, then you will love this winter activity. Spend a day making bird feeders to bring various species of birds into your backyard. The children will have fun looking out the window and enjoying all the multicolor birds feeding on your creation. You can also spread peanut butter on pine cones and coat them with birdseed to lure wildlife into the yard as well.

6. Go bowling

Here’s one activity that I really enjoy with my family. Nothing beats a bowling match with the entire family, paired with snacks and drinks to keep you refreshed. No matter how cold it gets outside, you can always come inside and knock down a few pins, maybe even get a strike or two!

7. Ice skating, skiing, or tobogganing

Even if you aren’t a big fan of sports, you can still enjoy a bit of skiing, ice skating or tobogganing. Some shopping centers even have ice rinks right in the center of their food court. Sledding is also an option much like skiing, where you can build your own sled and enjoy a thrilling ride down the nearest snow-covered hill.

8. Watch a parade

Most of the time, Christmas parades are held several weeks before the holiday itself, and they are so much fun. Bundle up and bring the family into town to enjoy the annual parade. You will be glad you made this memory.

9. Winter camping

Camping isn’t just for summertime, oh no. You and your family can also have loads of fun camping during the winter months. Here’s what you need to know to stay warm and safe: Purchase a four-season tent and use a sleeping pad under your sleeping bag to create an insulated surface. Remember to check temps and layer appropriately.

10. Complete a puzzle

If you absolutely refuse to go outside this winter, just stay in and enjoy a jigsaw puzzle. Activities like this are beloved by members of the entire family. You can make a race out of it too. All you do is pair into groups with two puzzles and see who finishes first.

11. Decorate for the holidays

Since the holidays are sneaking upon us, it’s time to get those decorations finished. Decorating for Christmas or any other holiday can be super exciting. Give everyone in the family a specific task to do and watch your home turn into a festive abode.

12. Drive and look at Christmas lights

One simple pleasure that I enjoyed as a child was when my aunt drove me around to look at all the different Christmas lights. We drove all over town and saw some of the most unique and beautiful arrangements, lights and statues. Why not take your family out to see the sights this year.

13. Build a snowman

If it snows where you live, take advantage of this opportunity. Encourage your children to go out and build a snowman. You can even help them, and search for old scarves and buttons to make your snowman come to life.

14. Make snow cream

Another thing to enjoy when the snow falls is snow cream. My mother taught me how to make this simple treat when I was young. All you need is a clean top layer of snow, vanilla flavoring, sugar, and milk. It’s a quick way to enjoy a delicious taste of winter.

15. Enjoy a scavenger hunt

Whether you go outside or prefer the indoors, you can take part in a fun scavenger hunt. You can keep it simple by hiding random objects, or you can make it challenging by hiding money or small gifts. The kids will love this idea.

Winter fun you will remember

Although the weather is cold and the holidays are well on their way, you can still enjoy the cold season with winter activities. Don’t’ forget to dress warm and stay hydrated. You will want to enjoy the season in good health after all.

So, get creative, share ideas with the family, and pass it on. I wish you all good cheer!



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