6 Fall Activities to Help You See the Beauty of This Season

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Finally, the beautiful season of rainy days and crispy leaves is here. You may be surprised to hear something like that or you may understand exactly what I mean. Unexpectedly enough, there are many people who dislike summer and love fall. Are you one of them? Or is there a quizzical expression on your face as you read these words? In either case, I’d like to suggest a few fall activities that will help you plunge into the spirit of this season. Below are a

5 Winter Dinner Recipes to Help You Enjoy the Cold Season

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We love summer foods, but there are also yummy winter choices. There are several winter dinner recipes that will keep you toasty inside. Winter isn’t just about cold weather and snow. No way! Winter is also about enjoying some of the best comfort foods around, and there are many dinner recipes that you can enjoy when the weather gets chilly. In fact, that’s one of them, Chili! These recipes for a winter dinner will soothe your soul Winter gatherings are more than Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner.

15 Fun Winter Activities to Do with Your Family to Enjoy the Cold Season

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Don’t stay in all winter long. Get out and have some fun! During the winter season, you can enjoy many cool activities with your family. Most people associate the cold season with Christmas and New Year, full of caroling and spending time with friends. Yes, those are both wonderful times of the year to celebrate and remember. However, there are many fun activities you can enjoy in winter before and between these memorable times. Activities to make winter special and fun with your family Although

6 Seasonal Allergies Symptoms and Natural Remedies to Deal with Them

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Ugly red rashes may appear on your skin during the summer. If you're disturbed by them, you'll need to know what seasonal allergies are and what causes their symptoms. Life Advancer has some answers. What are allergies? Allergies come about because of overactive immunity. People who suffer from them have immune systems that try too hard to protect the rest of the body. Too much-trying results in the production of substances called allergens. The compound histamine triggers these substances. They move out through the eyes,

How to Enjoy Fall and Make the Most of This Season

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Oh, those fall feelings... Growing up, I hated Fall, with a passion. Really. Worst. Season. Ever. Anyone else shares my childhood repulsion of those times when the weather turned cold, pools closed for the season and then there was that dreaded first day back to school? Yet, as the calendar pages have flipped many times over, a switch in me has also flipped, and I’ve changed my ways. I now appreciate all the noteworthy seasonal nuances that Fall has to offer. But why did I

This Is Why Winter Yoga Should Become a Part of Your Life

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While many are picking up expensive gym memberships, and enrolling at name-brand studios to get started on their new year's resolution. Here’s a tip, you don’t have to! Try winter yoga instead! Yoga is an incredibly beneficial exercise for your winter tune-up. No matter your age, ailments, or previous health issues, yoga can help you become fit without breaking your bank (or touching it at all) and is something you can do at home. What Is Yoga? Yoga focuses on bringing the body and mind