Are you feeling overwhelmed with life? Taking control over life is a challenge for every person. Nowadays, overwhelm seems to be common for everyone.

And, it is not strange, too. Today’s busy world brings more choices, but also a myriad of responsibilities and distractions.

Feeling overwhelmed with life is not only unhealthy for the body and mind, but we can all agree that it is actually a very frustrating and exhausting way of living.

However, considering that this is nothing more than another state of being, there are many things we can do to manage life in a more efficient way.

What can you do to deal with the overwhelm in your life? Here are some excellent tips that will help you:

1. Set Your Priorities Straight

People who feel overwhelmed on a regular basis have a hectic schedule they need to organize as soon as possible. Too many or too complicated tasks can easily make our lives unbearable and difficult, which is why the first step to taking control over your life is to set priorities straight.

How can you do this?

Challenge your plans and assumptions to make changes to your current habits. Question everything, starting with a meeting you are about to take, to even the tiniest detail you have on your to-do list.

Do you really have to create that report by tomorrow?

Do you have to wrap that gift two days before the celebration?

Of course, this does not mean that you should procrastinate your tasks. Setting your priorities straight simply means that you should focus on the most important things first, and take care of the rest until the point where you start feeling overwhelmed with life.

2. Understand Your Own Rhythm

What does this mean?

Every person functions differently. For example, some people do their best job in the morning, while others are night owls and work best at night. Others do not care about the time but find the environment and even room temperature to be key to their productivity.

We are all different. The secret to getting rid of the frustration lies in your ability to understand your own rhythm. When do you work best? Which are your productivity peaks?

Do some daily experiencing until you figure out the best way to achieve your goals. This will help you reduce frustration and stop feeling overwhelmed with life.

3. Give Your Mind Some Rest

Unconscious thoughts are highly important in times when you are faced with complex tasks and problems. In order to get rid of the stress at work or outside of work, give your mind some time for unconscious thought. You may have tight deadlines to fight, but this is not impossible.

You don’t have to spend hours resting your mind. Instead, take a short walk, watch an episode of your favorite choice, or simply lay down on the bed and let your mind wander. This should provide you with a boost and more energy to finish your tasks.

4. Learn to Say No

Some people tend to say yes to everything. While this is a sign of goodwill and effort at the workplace, you must learn to say no. If you are in a tough situation, find a way to say no.

Your own health and well-being should always be your priority, which means that you have to learn to take care of yourself. If you don’t, it is highly likely that some people will take advantage of your good nature and you will end up feeling overwhelmed with life.

5. Set Your Own Boundaries

Our body and brain are not programmed to work 24/7. We are not machines, and even machines need a break once in a while. If you are trying to follow a hectic schedule and never put anything aside, you are doomed to the feeling of overwhelm and a tremendous amount of stress.

Set your own boundaries, starting with work time to sleep time. Make sure you have time to rest and time to have fun, perhaps do things with your friends or hang out with your family. In the end, this will turn out to be more productive than working all the time.

6. Get Rid of All Distractions

Nowadays, the biggest distractions are a result of technology. While technology can be an amazing tool for almost everything, starting from work to everyday tasks and communication, it is the biggest culprit to making us feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Do you know that the majority of people are somehow distracted over 20 times every hour? They get phone calls, texts, notifications, and video calls. If you are one of these people, it is time to get rid of the distractions and focus on your tasks instead.

7. Learn to Let Go

Are you a perfectionist and cannot let things roll? When you see people who leave things undone, do you think: ‘How can these people be so careless?

Being irresponsible is bad, but being a perfectionist can be equally negative for you and your well-being. If you want to get rid of the overwhelming, you need to be more like those careless people and just learn to let go.

8. Simplify

Feeling overwhelmed with life is closely related to complex thoughts and chaos in your mind. If your mind cannot control the millions of thoughts you are trying to juggle, it is expected for it to become too full.

In order to get rid of these feelings, you need to stop the things that make the mind overwhelmed in the first place. Learn which things cause this feeling, and find a simpler way to get them done.

9. Be Open to Others

You now have the limitations, and you are desperately trying to stick to your new, simplified and prioritized schedule. However, you keep getting phone calls, messages, and people keep stopping by at your house or office. You cannot get rid of the distractions and the overwhelm.

What can you do?

It is not sufficient to put a limit on the activities and tasks. To make this actually work, you need to be open to the people around you, set some boundaries, and tell them about your limitations.

Too much stress and effort can easily turn your life into an overwhelming and challenging journey. To make some order in life, detect the causes for the overwhelm and use these strategies to get rid of the feeling!

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