Not everyone wants to travel the world. We all know that.

Some people prefer the comforts of home and to dabble in travel every once in a while in the form of a two-week holiday. While others prefer long-term exploration, almost like seeing the world was their destiny.

And maybe it was… Here are eight signs why you could be born to travel the world:

1. You Are Socially Comfortable

A sign that you are a great traveler is that you can make friends with most people, wherever you are, and most importantly you are great in your own company.

There are a lot of downtimes when you travel, long bus rides and hanging around, so it’s important to be comfortable with yourself and others.

2. You Are a Serious Planner

Traveling often doesn’t just happen,the best travelers will plan their adventures in order to make them happen. They will spend hours looking for the best deals and reading reviews.

What’s more, because you love traveling so much you will want to plan your next trip almost as soon as you get back… It’s the traveler way.

3. You Would Love to Work Abroad

If you have always dreamed of working for National Geographic in a remote country in South America or visiting other countries to study people and animals, then traveling is most likely for you.

4. You Want to Go Everywhere

Having set places to visit is fine, but born travelers want to see it all. They are ambitious in their plans and will never say no to visiting a place, even if they have never heard of it or know nothing about it.

5. You Love Geography and Social Studies

If you have always been interested in other people, and the society and the geography of places, then traveling is most definitely for you.

You are the kind of person that can while away an afternoon reading other people’s travel blogs and memoirs or get lost in a social history of Latin America.

6. You Choose Experiences Over Gifts

You prefer to spend your money on doing things, rather than spending money on “stuff” like clothes, cars, and watches.

7. You Love to Fly

You love the whole experience of flying to another destination. The excitement of taking off, people-watching at the terminal, airplane food… It’s all part of the experience.

8. You are Mostly Positive

If you are generally quite laid back and don’t let things get you down, then you can say you are “mostly positive” and therefore an ideal traveler.

Traveling will always involve a number of setbacks along the way, so it’s good to have the right attitude about them, overcome them and put that backpack back on!

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to travel the world?

If you can identify with at least one of these signs maybe it’s time you finally made that leap.

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