Modern life comes with many aggravations. People often feel like they have too much to do and not enough hours in the day to do it. You probably face many situations where a deadline approaches too quickly or you forget to do something important.

The best way to avoid such misfortune in the future is to simplify your life. You can give yourself a clean slate by rebooting on some bad behavior.

Here are six tips that will help you simplify your life.

Redesign Your Work Space

One of the aspects of your professional life that can reduce effectiveness is a messy workspace. You’ll constantly waste time looking for the items you need among the clutter. Plus, if you write something down, there’s a strong chance it will get buried under an avalanche of needless paperwork.

Your desk area is where you stick everything, whether you need it or not. You’re not alone in this regard, either. An OfficeMax study shows that 90% of American adults consider clutter an impediment in the workplace.

How do you get rid of clutter? It’s as simple as pulling everything off your desk and walls. Then, take a moment to consider what you actually use daily. Place the items that you know are imperatives in plain sight. Everything else is superfluous. Shove that in drawers for now.

After two weeks, anything you haven’t needed should then go in the trash. Your workspace is now clean!

Tidy Your Drawers

Most of the items you store in drawers are unneeded. What happens when you first move to a new place is that you place important items in drawers for quick access. Over time, you bury those under a pile of pointless junk. Take the time to throw away the pointless junk to give yourself easy access to the things you need.

Declutter Your Home

The same principle applies at home. Few people keep their living quarters orderly. Over time, so much stuff piles up that the situation feels out of control. You don’t have to live like that. Cleaning your home only takes a few hours, yet it will help you greatly simplify your life.

If you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself, you can hire a cleaning service. The average national cost to clean a single-family home is $126, a small price to pay for your sanity.

Clean Your Computer

This step is a marriage of the two suggestions above. One of the best ways to improve your efficiency is to simplify your computer usage. The desktop of your computer is every bit as important to your work habits as your actual desk. Similarly, a disorderly computer will make you feel out of control, the same as a messy home.

Did you know that your system will run faster if you perform a fresh installation of your operating system? It’s true and it’s easy to do. Simply save all the files you need by uploading them to the cloud or copying them to a portable hard drive. Then, run the OS installer again.

Optimize Your Wardrobe

How many times have you stood in the closet, endlessly debating what you should wear? The root cause of this problem isn’t indecision. It’s that you probably own too many clothes. Take a long look at everything you own and identify the items in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in several years.

Pack them in a box and take them to Goodwill. You’ve helped others and reduced your fashion choices, thereby ensuring that you dress faster every day.

Change Your Routine

Another way to simplify your life is to modify your morning routine. The goal is to spend the least amount of time possible showering, putting on make-up, and perfecting your hair while still looking your best. You should try to get dressed as fast as possible once and decide whether you’re satisfied with the results. Then, tweak the process based on what you’ve learned.

Simplifying your life comes down to a few basic steps. Follow the suggestions above to enhance your productivity while feeling more in control of your life.

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