Admit it, morning is the most subject to the routine. Is your routine working to put you in a better mindset for the day, or is it dragging you down?

Sometimes, we set ourselves up for a rough day without even realizing it.

We have compiled five simple tips on how to improve your morning routine.

1. Get To Bed Early

Okay, so this tip is not for waking up, but at the same time, getting to bed early means you will be more refreshed for the upcoming day. Typically, people are supposed to get about 8 hours of sleep a night. While this may be feasible for people not balancing hundreds of things a day, it is a good rule to follow.

One way to see how many hours your body needs is to observe how you feel getting different amounts of sleep. Do you function better on four hours or maybe even nine hours? Learning your sleep cycle is important, especially if you like to nap!

2. Stretching

Stretching does not require equipment, yoga practice or anything like that. In all reality, stretching means different things to different people. The purpose of stretching is to get your muscles warmed up for the day. You are never supposed to start exercising from a standstill; instead, you work up to it. Approach your day the same way, as you’re putting on your socks, touch your toes, and do some leg lifts. In the shower, try to touch the ceiling with your fingertips.

You can look up videos on YouTube to find different stretches, how to do them (correct posture is essential!), and you can put together a morning stretch. Since we are advocating not making a routine, find five or six exercises you like and use one or two each day, vary it up.

3. Say Four Positive Things

Mornings are rough, but sometimes we stand in front of a mirror as we get ready and disrespect ourselves. Instead of letting that pattern continue, stop yourself, and name a few positive things about yourself. From your hair, outfit, to even your eyes.

Smile at yourself too, since your brain sees a smile as an indication of good feelings, you will feel happier. Yes, you can send signals to your brain, it’s called body language, and you are reading yourself when you’re in front of a mirror.

4. Eat Something

One of the worst habits we get into is not eating breakfast. Not only is this vital to waking up our body, but we miss out on so many vitamins and minerals that we could use to power through our day. Before you go to bed, think about what you will eat in the morning: does it require prep or can you quickly whip it together? If it requires prep, do as much of it that night as possible. From laying out a bowl and spoon for oatmeal, to cutting up veggies for an omelet, there is no reason to skip breakfast.

5. Prepare The Night Before

The reason this tip is last is because it hones in on the primary factor that makes mornings so dreadful –stress. By doing as much as you can the night before, you can take the hassle out of your mornings. Lay out your uniform, find your keys, wallet, and so on. Not only does it make your morning go more smoothly, but you can be more mentally prepared for your day. No one needs frayed nerves before dealing with coworkers.

Mornings do not have to be this horrible monster we all have come to believe.

Throughout the week, we can prepare ourselves to have better days, deal with problems better, and it all starts with how we get out of bed. Be the best you can be, mix up your routine.

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