This article describes the first signs of a dopamine deficiency and explains natural remedies to cope with it.

Before we discuss dopamine deficiency, let’s talk about this neurotransmitter first. The chemical known as “dopamine” is produced naturally in the human body. This substance is a neurotransmitter with the task of influencing several regions of the brain that governpleasure, memory and motor control.

As you can see, it is a highly volatile chemical which can affect our body in several ways, most of which are positive. Nevertheless, there are times when the human body suffers from a dopamine deficiency. People need to understand that when this occurs, harmful consequences manifest immediately.

Whenever dopamine levels fall incredibly low in the bloodstream, you may experience several symptoms. The most common ones are depression, lack of attention of your surroundings, food craving, among others later explained.

The body by itself won’t stop producing this substance unless the person is under the influence of drugs (or antidepressants), and/or experiencing stress, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, etc. If you think that you have a dopamine deficiency, you need to fully understand its signs.

Common signs of a dopamine deficiency.

This health issue can be quite serious. Therefore, learning how to identify the most common symptoms is imperative:

  1. Difficult to focus: if your level of dopamine is below average, you will experience a decrease in your ability to focus and concentrate. Since your body lacks the necessary emotion-regulating neurotransmitter, common emotions will interfere with your capacity to think clearly or to remember.
  2. Fast weight gain: dopamine deficiency will produce food cravings for sugar and saturated fats. The continuous ingestion of such food types, along with the inactivity and fatigue, will make you gain weight at a very fast rate.
  3. Oversleeping: dopamine deficiency will create a deficit of important nutrients in the body like iron or zinc, which can lead to oversleeping. Too much sleep also causes a lack of motivation and a “feeling” that you are unable to deal with life.
  4. Low sexual desires: low dopamine levels can also produce a decrease in libido (sexual pleasure). This can also lead to procrastination and a lack of motivation.
  5. Depression: it is undoubtedly one of the main symptoms of a dopamine deficiency. Since the body can’t experience pleasure, as usual, moods turn negative quiet fast.

Natural Remedies to Cure Dopamine Deficiency.

If you believe you have low levels of dopamine, you should go to the doctor immediately. Furthermore, there is a list of natural remedies to try at home:

1. Stop Eating too Many Sugars

You already read that high sugar levels disrupt dopamine levels. The so-called “sugar high” is a real thing with terrible consequences. Therefore, lower your sugar intake before you create a sugar addiction. You can do so by taking chromium picolinate supplements which decrease your sugar cravings.

2. Intake Tyrosine

When you have low levels of dopamine, there is no other neurotransmitter to control your mood and your emotions. Brain cells can’t produce dopamine to fix this because there are not enough amino acids (building blocks of protein) for the production process.

Our body uses an amino acid called phenylalanine to create tyrosine, which is then transformed into dopamine. With this said, help your body by eating bananas, almonds, apples, cherries, eggs, and yogurt as these have high levels of tyrosine.

3. Stop Drinking Coffee

Whenever you drink coffee, you get a temporary boost of energy which has the same effect as a sugar high. Both of these decrease your dopamine levels. Just switch to ‘decaf’ coffee or stop drinking it altogether.

4. Exercise Every Day

A regular physical activity will increase the blood circulation in the body. This is excellent since it will positively affect the production of hormones like dopamine in the brain. The ‘apparent’ absence will force the brain to produce more to fill the gap.

5. Fix your Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium deficiency will cause low levels of dopamine. Most people that prioritize junk or processed food over organic and healthy food have a magnesium deficiency. Symptoms such as a rapid heartbeat, constipation, fatigue, headaches will indicate this health condition.

Test your urine or blood to confirm it. You can fix this problem by adjusting your diet and taking mineral supplements.

6. Take Vitamins

Last but not least, you need to take vitamins like C and E. These have antioxidants that protect the health of the brain cells that produce dopamine. You can try multi-vitamin pills to help your neurons. Vitamins are also a natural way to fight off depression.


Dopamine deficiency is a real deal. If you are experiencing any of the signs previously explained, go to the doctor to double check.

Afterward, feel free to adjust your daily routine and diet according to the natural remedies already pointed out. This health issue can be easily dealt with if you make an effort to take real actions and change your lifestyle. Don’t allow the symptoms to overcome you or it will be too late when you decide to take action.


By Daniel G.

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  1. am chew

    I suffer from low dopamine.
    The “wanting” or the “drive” to do things is just not there.
    Meditation has helped me enormously in the past. After 3 months of a 45 min daily mediation my issues around low dopamine just weren’t there any more. You/I have to keep up on that daily meditation or you will find yourself back where you started.

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