5 Signs of Dopamine Deficiency and Science-Backed Ways to Treat It Naturally

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This article describes the first signs of a dopamine deficiency and explains natural remedies to cope with it. Before we discuss dopamine deficiency, let’s talk about this neurotransmitter first. The chemical known as “dopamine” is produced naturally in the human body. This substance is a neurotransmitter with the task of influencing several regions of the brain that govern pleasure, memory and motor control. As you can see, it is a highly volatile chemical which can affect our body in several ways, most of which are positive.

How to Make Magnesium Spray That Has Physical & Mental Benefits

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Magnesium spray can be a simple and effective way to take this essential mineral. Moreover, there is a simple way to make it safely at home. Unless you regularly take supplements, chances you are likely to be magnesium deficient. Magnesium is naturally found in seawater, which these days the majority of us don’t swim in often enough to reap the benefits. It is also found in our crops which are now severely depleted of magnesium due to mass production. The best way to take magnesium

Struggling with Mental Health Problems? You May Be Deficient of This Vital Nutrient

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Your mental health problems could be caused by this nutrient deficiency, which is common among the population. Our modern day diets are deficient of a vital nutrient for the brain - magnesium. Previous generations had a ready supply of this vital mineral in seafood, mineral water, organic meat, and swimming in the fresh saltwater sea. The Root Causes of Magnesium Deficiency Magnesium is found abundantly in beans, whole grains, legumes seeds and nuts, leafy greens as well as molasses and cocoa, yet the population has a

5 Little Known Health and Beauty Benefits of Buckwheat

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Contrary to popular belief of buckwheat being a cereal grain, it is, in fact, a seed. However, it is used in food as an equivalent to cereals even though it contains no wheat. Yes, it is free of gluten! Also, it facilitates weight loss since it has much fewer calories than wheat or barley and higher fiber content. However, there is more to this amazing seed than we know. Here are some of the other influential benefits of buckwheat: 1. Prevent Gallstone Formation: You must know

Magnesium Deficiency and 5 Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Magnesium is essential for many different reasons within our body and without it. Our major organs wouldn’t be able to function and magnesium deficiency could contribute to serious medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. It can be found in many whole foods such as nuts and seeds, leafy green vegetables and fish. But how do we know if we are getting enough magnesium? And why is it so important? Well, magnesium regulates our enzyme reactions, which transport essential ions through our cell membranes,