Everyone has a smartphone now, and they also have access to an internet connection. We use our smartphones for literally everything we need: from simply texting to ordering food online and making online payments. This means that most of the hours of our days are spent on our smartphones, even when we are doing non-work-related stuff.

This can have a detrimental effect on our mental health, leading to impaired cognitive function, sleep problems, anxiety, depression, impulsivity, and more. However, there’s a solution to it: digital detox.

What Is Digital Detox?

It is the process of intentionally disconnecting yourself from all things digital, i.e. internet, phone, social media, etc. This is meant to ensure that you develop a healthier relationship with technology.

You take a break from constant push notifications, mindless social media scrolling, and other digital activities so that you can start prioritizing your real-life experiences.

Being away from screen time and practicing mindfulness provides a healthier balance between the digital and real world. Read on to find out how unplugging from the internet and phone can drastically improve your mental well-being.

Why Regular Digital Detox Is Good for Your Mental Well-Being

Here are 5 reasons why unplugging from internet and smartphone is good for your mental well-being:

1. Less Anxiety and Depression

For many people who are addicted to their phones, the idea of spending time away gives them a little anxiety or FOMO (fear of missing out). You spend most of your days scrolling through social media platforms, keeping up with what your friends are up to, along with constantly updating your own status about what is going on in your life.

However, if you take a break from your smartphone and social media for over a week, it can bring about a reduced level of anxiety and depression for you. Even a short casual break can impact your overall well-being and emotions.

2. Increased Productivity

Naturally, when you are free from any distractions, you allow yourself to be more present and focused. You experience an increase in productivity and concentration as you go about your daily tasks.

Social media scrolling, as well as checking your phone constantly for notifications, is a mindless task that can negatively impact productivity and focus. Setting these distractions aside will help you to focus more on your responsibilities.

3. Better Sleep

When you disconnect yourself from the internet and your smartphone a few hours before you tuck into bed, it can lead to a better quality of sleep. When you scroll social media a few minutes before closing your eyes, your mind is still focused on the things you have seen and that can disrupt your sleep pattern.

Also, not using your phone before bed means reduced exposure to blue light, which is associated with disrupted sleep.

4. Relationships in Real Life

How much of our time is spent glued to our phones when we are taking a one-hour commute by subway to work every day? Or waiting at the dentist’s office for our turn? Or sitting in the corner at a party or dinner? The answer is a lot.

If you think about it, being on our phones for hours can totally alter the fabric of our social interactions. A study found that while in a waiting room, a group of strangers who didn’t have their phones with them were more likely to smile than the ones who were without a phone.

5. More Time for Your Favorite Things

According to a study, an average person checks their phone up to 96 times a day. If you put that into perspective, that’s basically once every 10 minutes! That’s how many times in a day you pick up your phone to check emails, messages, and other notifications. That can negatively affect your productivity.

A social media detox can help you to put a pause on your social media and smartphone consumption and instead focus on other things in your life that make you happy. You spend time doing your favorite things, such as cooking, running, reading, sketching, etc.

Final Thoughts

Start your journey toward digital detox from the internet and phone today for a balanced and mindful lifestyle. That way, you can reconnect with your passion that you had before the days of smartphones and invest your time and effort in them.

Don’t completely shut down your phone, but you can put restrictions in place where you use the internet and smartphone for a few minutes every day.

Along with limiting phone and internet use, you also need to take measures to stay safe from bullies and hackers. This means signing up for an internet connection that offers reliability and advanced security features. You can learn more about it at the 24/7 Xfinity phone number. Keep in mind that having a secure connection to the digital world is as important as taking regular breaks from it!

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