The next time you will buy tomatoes from your grocery store, you should know the differences between GMO tomatoes and organic ones.

Vegetables are important to your health and should be incorporated into every meal that you take. Well, there is nothing better than eating fresh vegetables, not just fresh but organic vegetables. Sadly, the market has various brands of vegetables i.e. organic and GMO tomatoes.

The latter is a product of genetic engineering, which is essentially the science of modifying genes in plants so that it depicts traits that not genetically inherent to its species.

Organic vegetables, on the other hand, are those that are naturally grown with no interference of their genetic or natural state.

*Fact: GMO products are banned in most European countries such as Greece, Germany, and Austria just to mention a few. These countries believe that they are a great threat to the people and greatly contribute to life-threatening conditions such as smashed leukemia.

It’s thus crucial to understand the difference between the two if you want to pick out the healthiest and safest food for you and your family. If you go out to the grocery store and are not sure which product is which, here are simple ways of differentiating between GMO tomatoes from organic ones.

The method of labeling and coding

Almost everything in the store has a code number that uniquely identifies the product. For you to differentiate between a GMO tomato and an organic one, check the labeling and coding of the tomato.

If you find that it has four digits, then that is a GMO product, while the one with five digits is an organic one.

The first number in the code

In every code, there is a starting number that identifies the category of products in the store. You will find that the code number given to rice will differ from that given to fruits and vegetables. As said earlier GMO fruits and vegetables have four digits, their index code number always starts with the number 8.

On the other hand, organic fruits and vegetables have five digits with their code number starting with number 9.

It is not easy to tell what kind of fruit or vegetable by simply looking at it. So next time you go out for grocery shopping, be keen to look out for what you have just learned. Remember, organic products are far healthier compared to genetically modified ones.

So, don’t let ignorance risk your life and the lives of those you love!


Egline J., B.A.

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