Have you ever wondered if the people you surround yourself with are your true friends? Here are some things to help you know for sure.

When we are younger we believe the more friends we have, the more popular we look and ultimately the happier we will be. But as we get older, start working and have busier lives, we realize that actually what is more important is the quality of the friends we have.

Below are qualities you will notice if you have true friends:

1. They take on problems together

Your friend will know that the smile you are showing the rest of the world is hiding something. They won’t try to fix your problems for you but will help you tackle them, you will face them together.

2. They make time for each other

True friends know that life can get in the way and you can become overwhelmed with work, family and hectic social life. So even if you only see each other once a month at that time that you do spend together will be so meaningful as you have both made the effort.

3. They communicate well

A really great friendship will mean that if one of you has a problem with others, you talk it out. You don’t let the problem brew until it takes over the friendship.

Good communication can also be chatting over WhatsApp throughout the day, sending each other silly memes or pictures of the latest online purchase. It is involving each other in your lives even if you live far away.

4. They accept each other

Much like in a relationship, trying to change someone will never work. A good friend will accept and still love you despite your faults and not try to change you. Perhaps you take ages to respond to a message or a letter, but a real friend knows you might be busy and accept that is just how you are.

5. They honor the friendship

My best friend and I write letters to each, we have been doing it for years. It makes each of us feel special if the other has taken the time to write a letter. Honoring a friend can be done by any means, but it’s something nice to do and will make them feel special and cared for.

6. They listen

A real friend will just listen. Often you need someone to only listen and not give their option or their advice but just listen. They often already know the answer or solution but they just need someone to listen. Taking the time to actually listen to someone, giving them a voice, will mean so much to someone.

7. They stay

We know that friends do come and go, many have a purpose, a certain point in our lives when we needed them and then they leave. That is ok.

But what is better is when true friends stick around, through thick and thin. Through new jobs, new relationships, new babies and the sadder times in our lives. That’s when we know we have a true friend.

The saying goes, a good friend is like a good bra. Difficult to find, supportive, lifts you up, makes you feel good and is always close to your heart.

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  1. Jan Veiga

    Thankfully, I have been blessed with really great friends.

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