If you want to be happy, you must have a variety of emotions that make you feel good.

If you could choose the emotions that you would feel every day, which ones would you choose? Obviously, you would choose those emotions that make you feel good. In fact, your initial answer to the question might simply be happy. However, if you think about it, happiness isn’t so much an emotion as it is a word that we use to represent a variety of emotions that make us feel good.

Let’s take a look at 5 emotions you want to feel every day in order to be happy:

1. Love

Love is the emotion that reminds us that there are people in the world with whom we have a fantastic emotional connection. It is an emotion that brings us happiness when were are the recipients of another person’s expression of love, and when we express love to others.

Feelings of love cause our bodies to release certain hormones that literally make us good, both physically and emotionally. Not only that, the production of these hormones results in lower levels of stress and can contribute to a longer life. Love is a reciprocal emotion. If you want to feel it from others, you have to express it every day.

2. Inspiration

Inspiration comes from many sources. We might see people who have struggled and triumphed and find inspiration in their stories. Other things such as art, beautiful music, and great literature can serve as sources of inspiration that make us want to create wonderful things of our own. Ideally, each and every one of us would find at least one thing to inspire us.

If this could happen, it would mean that we would literally be given a reason to want to do something positive and constructive every day. It would also mean that those of us who are struggling to overcome obstacles would receive just a bit of motivation to keep moving forward.

If you learn to become an observer of both people and nature, you will find something inspiring each day.

3. Curiosity

Some people believe that once you stop learning, life ceases to be worth living. The desire to learn is born from curiosity. Curiosity is what makes people voracious readers and researchers. It is the emotion that will motivate a scientist to stay in the lab until late hours of the night, or a child to sneak a flashlight into their bedroom so that they can read one more chapter.

It is also the emotion that an archeologist feels as they painstakingly work their way through bits and pieces of the remnants of ancient civilizations. Learning new things is something that brings a great sense of joy. If you make it a point to learn something new each day, you will never lose your sense of curiosity.

4. Passion

Imagine waking up every morning and having something to pursue. Not just something you would pursue out of necessity or casual curiosity, but something that you feel so passionately about that you would willingly pursue that thing as long and as intensely as you could? People who are passionate, are blessed to have something that they can pursue every day that they love.

Even better, having a passion can connect us to other people with the same passion. This can result in a long-lasting sense of belonging. You can bring passion into your life by finding one thing that you truly love and then finding a way to incorporate that into your daily life

5. Contentment

Imagine simply feeling at peace for at least a little while each day. Feeling content is a sign that you have found a place in your life, or at least in your day that you feel perfect acceptance with everything that is going on around you and within you.

People who are content have low levels of stress and tend to have little to know conflict with others. You can find contentment through meditation, visualization, and simply learning to be happy with what you have.

If you can find ways to make each of these emotions a part of your daily life, chances are you will be happy and have a productive life. Just remember that the mood and emotions that you experience every day have a lot more to do with your mindset, thoughts, and actions than any external source.

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  1. Amit Shekhar

    No job = no money = no self dependence = loss of self-respect = a screwed life = unhapiness in life.So first step is to have a good job and then things proceed in life leading to happiness.Even if you get married to the richest girl on planet you still need to work, because a man can’t be just like that.

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