Some people are lucky enough to have a large outdoor space to work with while others might have a very restricted area. That being said, a large garden area requires greater care and planning so there are upsides and downsides to both.

Whatever size or area the space you have is, you do possess the ability to create an eco-friendly garden in it.

Being eco-friendly is really important in today’s world and it is not something that we should just hold lip service to. Climate change is an issue that is really happening and the world’s population is realizing this rapidly with the erratic and unpredictable weather patterns we are encountering in recent times.

That is why being environmentally responsible extends to all world citizens and certainly, garden owners have a role in this. The vast use of pesticides is, for the most part, unnecessary with a little knowledge and know-how.

Small changes in your garden will mean that you too can make a contribution to being eco-friendly.

Why not get your kids involved so that it becomes a family project while also they learn about the importance of eco-friendly activities and it will be something that they will keep with them as they extend into adult life.

Quite often, being seen as eco-friendly was considered as an alternative lifestyle and even eccentric but today, it is welcomed more and more and practically becoming the norm. Our responsibility to be friendly to the environment that we live in is paramount to our futures and our children’s futures.

This infographic from Capital Garden Services gives some guidelines on how to create an eco-friendly garden or how to tackle an area of your existing outdoor space to make it eco-friendly.

There are interesting ideas like companion gardening which focus on creating natural repellents like growing garlic close to roses which should help deter rose pests without the use of chemicals. It also focuses on how to attract pollinators to your garden so that your space is a hospitable area for visitors like bees and butterflies.

Check it out below!

Creating an Eco-Friendly Garden-Infographic

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