Rebounds; we have all been there. But are there benefits of rebounding following the breakdown of a relationship?

Every cloud has a silver lining – here are six reasons why:

1. Distraction

One of the hardest aspects of a breakup, particularly after a serious or long-term relationship, is mentally accepting that it is time to move on.

There can be so many difficult and upsetting aspects to this transitionary period, from possibly moving home, losing friends, letting go of the deep personal connection you may have had, or even contemplating that your life plans and aspirations for the future have now changed.

How to manage and deal with so many tough emotions is different for everyone. Some of us like to make a clean break, and others prefer to take the time to feel each emotion and work through them until they find themselves in a position to move on with closure.

No matter how you deal with a breakup, one of the biggest benefits of rebounding is the distraction. It is harder to obsess about your ex, what they are doing and where they are when you are engaged in a new relationship, regardless of how casual or fun a fling it might be!

2. Meeting new people

Another way rebounding benefits you is the opportunity to meet new people and try new things. It is common after a breakup to try out something completely new – that could mean joining a new gym (especially if your ex goes to your previous one!), attending a new book club or starting a brand-new hobby.

Creating new hobbies and finding new things to do is a perfect way to pour your passion into something other than thinking about your breakup, and can be a hidden benefit of rebounding as you expand your social circle, meet new people, and perhaps find your new favorite pastime!

3. Avoid going back

Following a breakup, it can be all too easy to forget the very good reasons why the relationship fell apart in the first place, and to even consider going back. What may feel familiar and comfortable is not always what is best for us long term.

A positive benefit to rebounding is that it can help to avoid going back to a relationship which has already shown not to be successful, and to break the cycle of repeating the same mistakes and putting ourselves back in the same negative situation time and again.

There can be situations where a breakup is temporary, and the relationship can be restored. However, if that is not the case, or this is not your first breakup, it is vital to acknowledge that the situation was not serving you well. Having a fun rebound relationship can help enforce your message to yourself that it is time to move on.

Once you have made that decision, delete their number from your phone, unfollow all your ex’s social media, and spend some time back out in the dating world!

4. Confidence boost

Being in a relationship is safe and comfortable. Sometimes it can be so much so that you forget about your value as an individual, and begin to associate as a couple, rather than a person in your own right, with your unique skills, experiences, and personality.

One of the benefits of rebounding is that it allows you to re-evaluate yourself. When you present yourself as a person outside of a couple, it can be an amazing confidence boost to remember that you are attractive, have great qualities, and need not be confined to any box you have built for yourself!

Finding a rebound is not the only way to recognize your self-worth, of course, but can give you a great confidence boost at the time when you need it most.

5. Fun

A painful breakup is tough in so many ways. It is all too easy to become trapped in a cycle of despondency and bittersweet memories – this is often the cycle that leads us to repeat damaging relationships where we remember all the good times and paper over all the problems and conflicts which lead to the relationship breaking down.

One positive to rebounding is that it allows you to break free of that cycle and have some good old-fashioned fun!

Wearing a new outfit, getting to know someone new, trying out new places to eat – all are great ways to get out of the house, let your hair down, and remember who you were before your breakup caused so much pain.

6. Reinventing yourself

It is nothing unusual to feel that after a painful breakup you need a fresh start. That often starts with our appearance – be that a new wardrobe, new hairstyle, or complete reinvention! This is a wonderful way to reconnect with yourself and evaluate who you are, where you are going, and what you want from life as you embark on your new pathway.

A self-transformation is not just physical but sends the message to our psyche that we are making a fresh start. It can be a powerful way to find closure and identify with yourself as a newly single person.

A great benefit of a rebound relationship is that you are coming into it completely afresh and deciding who you want to be is the first step in truly moving on.



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