Ever dreamed of an old-fashioned love? There are some good reasons why relationships were happier in the past than they are in the modern world.

With modernity, has come many great things which make our life easier and more fun! We don’t have to wash our own dishes or figure out directions in advance anymore. However, as technology rises impressively…it seems that the quality of love falls. For this reason, many people start dreaming about bringing back old-fashioned relationships.

Dating today is incredibly different than it was just a few decades ago, and many argue that this is not for the better.

Here are seven reasons why an old-fashioned relationship is better than a modern one.

1. Less technology equals more love

When you enter a room, just look around and you will see at least half the people looking down at a smartphone, tablet or something of the like. These devices make our lives convenient but present a huge problem when you focus more on the screen in front of you than the people you are with.

In the good old days before iPhones were invented, couples were fully present when together, undistracted by mindless social media and phone games.

2. Wanting to find the special someone

When you hear your grandparents, and even your parents, talk about their past relationships, it sounds vastly different than dating today. You won’t hear them talk about finding people on Tinder to date for two weeks until they get bored.

In the past, there was a bigger need to find your “special someone” and once you did, you held on tightly.

3. Expressions of emotions are diluted through social media

In an old-fashioned relationship, you would give your partner flowers or a special note when you want to tell them you care. But today, people often opt for the more convenient: tagging with a post on Facebook.

While still a nice gesture, this newer expression of emotions is so easy and happens so frequently that it doesn’t feel quite as personal or romantic.

4. Our expectations are too high today

Due to unrealistic standards set by movies, TV shows, music videos, magazines and more, it’s hard for modern people to appreciate their partner the way they should.

These unrealistic expectations have always been around to a certain extent with the likes of Hollywood and Vogue. However, they are much worse today, and many people expect to find someone of these impossible standards.

In the past, a fuller figure was appreciated more and people didn’t feel the need to drastically change themselves with plastic surgery as often.

5. The less casual sex, the better

In the past, many people waited to have sex until marriage or at least kept their number of sexual conquests relatively small. Sex is less of a “big deal” today and some men seem to take this for granted and expect more than they should.

Now that people don’t wait as long to have sex in a relationship, an air of magic has been lost. It doesn’t seem as important to say with the same person for as long. It’s become too easy to find another willing partner.

6. Dating was more interesting before Netflix

With all of the TV shows and movies at our fingertips today, it’s all too easy to get lazy when dating. If every date becomes eating dinner and then watching a movie, it will allow for boredom to creep into your relationship.

Before Netflix, people had to actually engage each other the whole time they hung out.

7. People used to call you on the phone

There’s something more romantic about a phone call. You get to hear someone’s enthusiasm, which goes much further than a few emojis. Most modern couples don’t spend hours talking on the phone anymore as it’s just more convenient to send a text.

Do you agree that old-fashioned relationships were happier than modern ones? Share your opinion in the comments below.


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  1. Chris

    Certainly do agree. I loved talking on the phone to my girlfriends, male friends and love interests. When we went out on a date we were engaged in conversation with each other and in enjoying our time together. No one raced home to the tv. Socialising was all important, especially after work on Fridays with work mates and weekends were for family, close friends and couple together time. Everywhere I look today when out peole are ignoring those they are with while they look at their electronic devices – SAD!

  2. Women Have Changed Today

    Well, let’s face reality here, this is a completely different time we live in now, unfortunately. Women have really changed for the worst now since Feminism has really taken over, and these very pathetic women today are the real cause of it, to begin with. Many single men like us really can’t meet a decent normal woman anymore since they really have become so very dangerous to meet, and they were never ever like that back in the old days when most women were Real Ladies and the very complete opposite of today altogether. Feminism has really caused so many of us men to go single, now which has really become a real lifesaver for us, and it will definitely save us a lot of aggravation from these type of women as well. God forbid for many of us men just saying good morning or hello to a woman is very risky now since most of the time which these women will be very nasty to us and walk away as well. At least back in the old days which it definitely would’ve been so much easier meeting women with no trouble at all just like our family members did.

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