Depression after a breakup is common. When you’ve become accustomed to being in a relationship, change can be almost unbearable.

I think depression after a breakup is one of the deepest and darkest formsemotions.

There’s hurt, insecurities, confusion and a lingering sense of hope that the relationship can be rekindled.

Most often than not, there is no going back, and depression after a breakup becomes something that eventually strengthens you.

Getting through this troubling time

Getting over a breakup is never easy. In fact, some say It feels like grief during the loss of a loved one. This is especially true if the love was true and the relationship lasted for many years.

However, there are ways to get over depression after a breakup. You just have to understand and make healthy decisions.

Getting through this troubling time

1. Acceptance

One of the first things you have to do in order to heal depression after a breakup is to accept the fact that the union is over. Most of the time, denial imprisons us in a strange form of numbness.

We expect our loved one to walk back through the door, and so we put our lives on hold for that moment. Acceptance helps us get up and get going. It shows us the reality of our situation and then gives us hints on how to proceed with the healing process.

2. Get busy

When you’ve accepted that the relationship is over, you can continue to fight your depression by keeping busy. Doing things that maybe you’ve put off during the romantic stages of the relationship is a good way to keep your mind occupied.

Although this is not a permanent fix, it can help you channel some of your negative feelings into something productive.

Maybe you even have projects that you’ve always wanted to tackle. Well, now’s the time to get started on those creative endeavors. Depression will continue to seep in, no doubt, but you can continue to push it down with healthy and motivational tasks.

In the long run, you will be glad you’ve got some of these things accomplished.

3. Exercise

Physical fitness is always a good way to heal the mind. No, it’s not a magic pill, but yes, it can help regulate those hormones and chemicals that have gone awry during the breakup process. Depression after a breakup doesn’t stand a chance if you partake in things like swimming, hiking, or even signing up for a marathon.

These things not only take your mind off your breakup, but they are also good for you health and, in the case of money-raising marathons or charity events, they can be good for others as well. Staying active will always be a good healing option for your mind as well as your body.

4. Plenty of rest

On the other hand, while you’re being active, make sure you get plenty of sleep when it’s time to do so. Your mind and body have been through a large amount of stress from the breakup and will need time to heal during sleep.

Sleep repairs so many areas of the body and without ample sleep, you cannot deal with depression in the right way. When you do get sleep, make sure you get a consistent amount of rest as well as retain your sleep patterns.

This also plays a role in treating depression after a breakup.

5. No rebounds

There is one thing you should beware of and that’s the rebound relationship. When you are suffering from depression after a breakup, a rebound relationship can develop pretty easily.

While having a rebounder isn’t always a bad thing, it can slow down the healing process and even translate some of the negative aspects of the former relationship into the present one.

Most of the time, you will just realize that the rebound relationship is exactly what it is, and this could hurt the other person. It’s really smarter to avoid getting into any relationships until you’ve come to terms with your last breakup.

6. Self-care

Depression after a breakup sometimes causes a person to let themselves go. This means not taking care of hygiene or basic upkeep. When you ignore self-care, you can make your condition worse and even harm your physical health.

This is why it is so important to focus on self-care in the moments you really don’t care about yourself. It may be hard to comb your hair or put on nice clothes, but it will make you feel much better later on in the day.

It’s a great way to help you heal from depression after a breakup and also helps you start a new chapter in your life.

7. Don’t dwell on the past

Many of the things that keep us depressed for so long after a breakup are thoughts of the past. Unfortunately, now is not the time for reminiscing. You should also take care not to think about what might have been or could have happened.

Life is what it is and you cannot take anything back or change the course of history. Stop dwelling on things and learn to start over the right way. You will be able to make new memories, some even better than the ones before.

Depression after a breakup is tough

I have been through many breakups and they don’t really seem to get any easier. Fortunately, we have the chance to start over new and create something much more fulfilling. In order to do this, you must keep one last thing in mind: Don’t rush it.

Take your time with the healing process and with this time, you will become stronger. You will also have more ideas about what you really want out of life. With this wisdom, you can ensure that you put your standards and self-worth on the forefront.

I hope this helps and wish you all the luck on your next try at love.


By Sherrie H.

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