If you’re looking to eat healthy foods, or even drop a few pounds, having lots of food readily available is not your enemy. It’s the exact opposite.

Having very few nutrient-dense foods ready to eat is your biggest enemy. You see, when you’re really hungry, you’re going to be a lot less picky about food. You just want something.

And if you don’t have the right kinds of foods ready to eat, you’re going to be more inclined to reach for whatever’s available. The fast-food industry banks on this year after year. But even for those who don’t frequent fast-food joints, it’s still a struggle.

So, what’s the easiest way to eat well, and satisfy your hunger?

Have lots of nutritious food ready to eat, and plenty of fresh, clean water ready to drink. It’s not on my top tips, but I’ll add it here. The first thing I do every morning is to drink two large glasses of water with a little fresh lemon juice.

These tips may take a little more time upfront in preparation, but they’ll actually save you time over the week. And, whenever you’re really hungry, it will ensure you reach for nutritious foods.

My top tips for helping you eat healthier, save time, and reach your ideal weight:

1. Make large pots of nutrient-dense soups.

I like to call these soup meals. They’re so loaded with nutrients and great food. They really fill you up.

You can make a pot that will give you a meal or even two for 2-3 days. Just open the fridge and scoop out another serving and reheat. And making these kinds of soups is super easy.

Just get some organic vegetables like celery, carrots, kale, chard, peas, etc., and you can add mushrooms, onions, and a variety of herbs like cilantro, parsley, and basil. I like to start with a protein like free-range chicken breasts with the bones, but you can just as easily use fish or beans for the protein.

If you have kids, make the preparation a family activity. Kids will be more likely to eat healthy foods they helped make. And this really locks in a great experience. I take my three- and four-year-old to our local organic market, and let them help pick out the vegetables.

2. Make large bowls of salad.

And when I say large bowls, I mean large bowls. Just get the cutting board out, wash your lettuces and vegetables, and put them in a big container. We use a really large, stainless steel bowl.

If you prefer, most stores have one-pound organic lettuce mixes in a container. These do tend to go bad quicker but make a goal of finishing the entire pound of lettuce in salads within three days. If you can do that, you’ll automatically improve your health. Then you can add cucumbers, peppers, avocado, onions, and whatever else you’d like with each eating.

Who says a two-year-old won’t eat salad? Those who don’t make and eat salads with two-year-olds. My go-to is the large can of extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar right on the kitchen countertop. I just pour a little of each on, sprinkle sea salt and black pepper, and it’s chow time.

3. Keep healthy bread available.

This may not jive with some people who are completely anti-bread and carbohydrates. I get it. But you’ll know if this one is for you.

And I caution someone about fighting all desires, especially if you enjoy bread. I do, and weight has never been an issue. Yes, I’m blessed with genetics that helps me out here. But I also have a positive mindset.

It’s the exact opposite of those who consciously or unconsciously believe:

“Oh, if I eat bread, or if I eat _________, I’m going to get fat.” I do believe, “If I eat crappy bread, my health will not be as good.”

So I don’t eat crappy bread. I eat bread that can satisfy me when it has coconut oil or olive oil on top. It’s nutrient-dense enough to actually replace a meal.

If I’m going to be out, I can take some with me. Especially if traveling, hunger often meets fewer options to find organic, healthy food.

4. Keep a good powdered green drink in the freezer.

If you can reach into the freezer, grab a scoop of powdered greens, mix it, and drink it, you’re more apt to do this consistently. This makes a powerful snack to fill you up, and curb hunger and sugar cravings, and cleanse the body.

Here’s the neat thing about living this way. Beyond eating better, and contributing to a healthy weight, you actually save time and emotions.

If you follow all of the above, it’s really difficult to overeat, and it’s really difficult not to get the nutrients your body desires.

Set these habits in motion, and reap the rewards.

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