The rich will become richer and the poor, the poorer. Why does this happen? The answer is simple – the law of attraction. You attract what you think.

The concept of the law of attraction has been in existence ever since time unknown with pioneers like Newton and Einstein underlining its importance. However, it was with “Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace. D. Wattles and “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne when people started using this principle. Is it as simple as the books on the law of attraction put it? Definitely, yes!

Here are some simple tips that you could try to effectively master the Law of Attraction!

1. Beware of your thoughts!

Your thoughts do the job. They decide what you need. So if you want to lose the flab and become thin, think thin. The more you think about you being fat, the fatter you will become.

2. Focus on what you want!

All of us do it the opposite way. Instead of cribbing on the lack of money, focus on gaining financial abundance. There is a simple logic that works here! When you think“I do not want to have financial crunches”, the Universe hears it as “I do want to have financial crunches.” The words no, never, not etc do not hold any significance for the Universe. So choose to focus on what you need!

3. Never ignore your gut instincts!

Listen to what your mind has to tell you. Only your mind knows what is best for you. If you feel relaxed and calm when you are thinking about something, it is a positive reaction that gives you a go-ahead signal. But if it is the other way round such as you being stressed out or angry, then realize that you have churned a wrong path.

4. Learn to forgive!

Forgiving oneself and others is very important if you are embarking the journey to attract something. When you learn to forgive and let go of negative thoughts, your mind will be clear. You will be able to focus on what you need. Your thoughts will be positive. And you will receive what you desire.

5. Seek forgiveness!

Seeking forgiveness is not that bad as you think. If you are unable to ask someone personally, use a general affirmation such as “I seek forgiveness from time, space, and realms, and across lifetimes, past, present and future for misunderstanding, misinterpreting, ill-treating, and not trusting my loved ones!” This is a very powerful affirmation that does wonders.

6. Be grateful!

People take life for granted and in the process forget the act of being grateful. Only those persons who have gratitude for even the smallest thing they have are the ones who are able to master the law of attraction easily. If you are planning to attract more wealth, be grateful that you are able to pay out your current bills.

The more your gratitude levels are, the happier you will be. And, this will improve your positive thinking, attracting your desires.

7. Act as if you have already received the favor!

You do not have to wait until you receive what you need. Just act as if you have already owned it and be grateful for that. The more you manifest your desires, the easier you will possess. You can even keep a journal to express how you feel when you receive your desire.

8. Be patient!

Everything comes to its destination in its own time and space. So, wait patiently and always attune yourself to positive thoughts.

9. Trust the Universe!

The Universe has everything in abundance. Dare to dream and dare to attract from this infinite source of abundance. Just trust the Universe and ask for it with a deep desire and belief. You will receive!

10. Visualize and affirm!

These are two powerful tools that will help you master the law of attraction. Visualize what you need as detailed as possible and attach it with an affirmation. This makes a difference.

The Law of Attraction is a simple game. Send out your request to the Universe and follow these tips. You are bound to experience miracles.

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  1. Andrew Segol

    I really like and appreciate your post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

  2. Teteak

    I think I have to agree with Diana, I prefer numеrоlоgу rеаdіng for now rather than Law of Attraction, zodiac, horoscope and tarot reading. Thank you for your post.Really looking forward to read some more.

  3. Jerking

    Enjoyed every bit of your article. Really looking forward to workout my Law of Attraction.

  4. Prosperity

    I always come across this statement “ the rich will become richer and the poor, the poorer” but I do believe it’s pure truth. Mastering the law of attracting and applying it in my daily living has always be my problem. One minute I remember, the other minute I forget myself, but I believe the law works. I found this article interesting and convincing. I believe it works for me! Thanks for worthy post.

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