With all the skincare products and treatments on the market today, it is very easy to become totally overwhelmed with what to choose when you are prone to a spot cluster or a patch of dry skin.

It can end up leaving you in product overload, product OTT, product mind blow… ok, you get the gist.

There can be something said for going back to the basics (no, not shunning technology and throwing your iPhone into the sea). How often do we end up doing something a certain way because of what our mothers or grandmothers told us?

In my case, it was the use of hand cream or moisturizer from an early age. Using our knowledge of the past can help us today… One of the oldest and most useful systems of medicine known to man is Ayurveda. The yogis amongst you will know about the wonders of Ayurveda, but for the rest of you, here’s a very brief history.

The ancient art of Ayurveda dates back thousands of years in India. The belief is that there is a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Ayurveda is based on the principle of encouraging good health, so it’s preventative medicine as opposed to fighting disease.

You are preaching to the choir on this one.

In Ayurvedic tradition, the areas on the surface of our body tell us what is happening within our body.

Is our liver healthy? Is our heart happy? Our kidneys singing? Notice that you have a break out right before your period? Get a little cluster in the tea-zone when you have a deadline due?

This is not just “oily skin” but it’s the body’s way of telling you that inside might need a little TLC too.

The skin your face may be breaking out that may say more about your general health are:

  1. Forehead: Meaning: gallbladder and liver issues
    Solution: More water, less booze
  2. Between eyebrows – right side – Meaning: repressing emotions in your liver
  3. Between eyebrows – left side – Meaning: repressing emotions in the spleen
  4. Eyes – Meaning: joint problems, intestinal issues, thyroid problems
  5. Below eyes – Meaning: Impaired kidney function
  6. Cheeks – Meaning: Slow metabolism, low absorption of nutrients, lung issues
    Solution: If you are a smoker, stop smoking! You may want to give your iPhone a wipe, change your pillowcases frequently and don’t touch your face so much.
  7. Nose – Meaning: blood and heart issues
    Solution: Less processed foods and lots more water. Try some probiotics and do yoga.
  8. Lower lip – Meaning: intestines, digestion
  9. Tongue – Meaning: Toxin buildup, lung issues
  10. Chin – Meaning: hormonal imbalance
    Solution: The menstrual cycle is the culprit in this area, but her accomplice Candida may also be the perpetrator. The suggestion is to cut out processed sugar, dried fruit, wine, dairy, gluten, soy, fried foods, grapes (I know what does that leave you to eat?!)

This is something to help you figure out if your acne (or dry skin) is something more than you forgetting to take your make-up off, perhaps instead of a lack of nutrient absorption or one/two/many cocktails after work on Friday.

You might just need to invest more time in finding an acne treatment plan that works. After all, a good skincare routine can work wonders.

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  1. Lisa Hill

    Great article! Each and every aspect of your face tells about your health as well as your life. It helps us to know that how can be treat internally for good external results. I like this article so much. Thanks for sharing.

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