Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” goes the words of Ben Franklin.

Along with learning the art of making coffee and savoring it every morning, waking up early has countless benefits spread across various aspects of your life.

According to various studies done on this topic, it has been proven beyond doubt that the human body has been designed to be a morning person. So, if you are not an early bird, it is time to change your habits. Read about the benefits of being a morning person and adopt them for a better life!

1. They are slimmer!

An interesting study published by the Northwestern University suggests that the early birds have a lower body mass index due to their higher exposure to sunlight in the morning. Sunlight is very crucial for the synchronization of the human body clock that keeps the circadian rhythms under control, thus regulating energy balance. Ensure that you are awake before 8 am to reap this goodness.

2. Improved productivity levels!

People who wake up earlier are known to take the day easier as they have plentiful time in hand, in comparison with the late birds. When you have time, there is no rush, which in turn means lower levels of stress. The calmer you are, the higher your concentration power will be, leading to better productivity.

3. Have a proactive nature!

According to a Harvard Business Review report, the early waking group take charge of their life in a better way and showcase a proactive attitude all the time. They are smarter and possess extremely appreciable creativity levels. They are outgoing, have a better sense of humor, and can easily sync with any given schedule.

4. You will have time for exercising!

Exercising in the morning is known to be good for your physical and mental health. When you wake up early, you will have sufficient time in hand to work out without using time as the excuse for non-exercising. You will get an additional dose of energy that will keep you on your toes the whole day. Since you wake up fresh in the morning, you will also feel motivated.

5. Your day goes smoothly!

You will have enough time to plan adequately for the day if you are an early bird. You can prepare your breakfast, pack your lunch, and even plan for your work! And, when you are early to work, you can finish your work at a slightly slower pace. Your day goes smoothly without any bumps, and you will feel at peace.

6. Early birds are happier!

According to a study conducted by the University of Toronto on 700+ adults, it was proven that morning persons experienced up to 25% higher level of happiness, alertness, and cheerfulness as against the late waking up group. There is sufficient evidence available that underline the need for exposure to morning light to lower depression and stress risks while boosting energy levels.

7. They do not get stuck in traffic!

Morning birdies can commute early, thus saving themselves from falling prey to rush hour traffic. These people reach their workplace earlier and will have more time for them at the end of the day.

8. They enjoy “me” time in the evenings!

Being a morning person could help you relax in the evening in a better way. You can cook for your family or do some shopping. Even better, you can just sip some ginger tea and engage yourself in some ‘self-care’ thoughts that would nurture you. If you have kids, then they would be happy to see you at home.

9. Lower levels of stress!

A day with lower levels of stress is what everyone dreams. And one of the best ways to keep away stress is to wake up early. Since you will have enough time for all your tasks, there is no question about stress setting in.

So, are you a morning person? What have been your experiences? Share them with us.

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