Our Names Influence Our Lives For Better Or Worse?

Yes, incredible as it may seem, your names influence your life, your character, personality, virtues, vices, and health.

More amazing, the second part of this system reveals how letters from each of your names rotate at predetermined years, influencing events and the way you live your life. This is not numerology and it is not a newfangled theory. This knowledge has been around for several thousands of years but known only by the privileged few.

In ancient times, it was used to name new-born children for a healthy happy and prosperous life. When you discover the accuracy for yourself you will understand why it has been kept hidden from the populous.

How Does It Work?

This system is not about one name. Anyone’s name is usually good, just like touching one key on a piano sounds good. It is the combination of all your names that need to be in balance or in tune with one another, like pressing multiple keys on a piano.

The sound of music produced by a piano can be documented with Sheet Music. The vibration produced by your names can be documented with Name Reality. What tune do you play?

There are 64 personalities that divide the human race. 64 is a powerful mathematical number, from the codons that make up our DNA to the number of squares on a chessboard and the number of hexagrams in the I Ching.

There is a simple formula to calculate which personalities apply to your names and if they balance. Are you healthy happy and prosperous or set back by problems that seem to come from nowhere? The second part of this system shows you how to create a lifelong chart depicting which letters from each of your names are in force for any given year of your life.

Some letters are positive and some are negative. Again, it is the combination that reveals if your pathway is free and clear or likely to have potholes requiring navigation before you can get ahead.

Where Does This System Originate From?

This knowledge was originally known by the enlightened families of Egypt, the Chaldea and Hebrew Countries in the Middle East as documented in the great hieratic papyrus known as the “Book of the Master of the Secret House”.

Some three thousand years ago this knowledge was recorded in China and preserved in its splendid entirety, known to the ancients as “The Way of Life”. More complicated versions can be found in the Indian Vedas and in the Hebrew Cabbalas.

In 1929, a book titled “The Fundamental Principles of Yi-King Tao, the Cabbalas of Egypt and the Hebrews” was written by Veolita and Elvrita Parke Boyle, describing this system.

More recently, Laurence Payg in England discovered Veolita’s book and quickly became a well-known name analyst. Unfortunately, Laurence passed away in December 2014. He was best known for changing the name of aspiring model Laura Hollins to Agyness G. Deyn.

A year later she became Model of the Year 2007 and was the face of Armani and Burberry. Laura was already signed to London Agency Models One. Nothing about her circumstances changed. She kept the same hairstyle, her look and yet her life skyrocketed soon after her name change.

I met with Laurence in 2010 and obtained a copy of the same 1929 book. A good friend translated the Yi-King proverbs revealing new information. Then, with more research I was able to crack a numerical code, taking the system to new levels understanding how the certain name and letter combinations aggravate many mental and physical conditions.

Take Control of Your Life!

If you have names indicating anger, anxiety, doubt, fears or phobias, this will no doubt restrict, slow or halt your progress. If you have negative letter combinations in your events chart, this will delay or block your advancement during the years those letters are working against you.

The more negatives you have, the more difficult it is to get ahead. If you have tried self-help methods like the Laws of Attraction and not succeeded, it was probably not for lack of trying.

It is likely your names or letter combinations you were in prevented you from reaching your goals. When you understand your names, if a negative part of your personality or certain letters bring negative events into your life, you can make advance plans.

You can change, overcome or reduce these potential problems. For some, self-awareness is enough. Some people decide to change their name after learning about this system. Changing just one name, the spelling or adding middle initials can make a huge difference.

The Laws of Attraction are real. Your names can help, hinder or halt your progress.


  • Name Reality by Lyon G. Payley Zonamyari

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