These simple romantic ideas will help you revive romance in your long-term relationship or marriage, even if you have been together for many years.

We’ve all been there: your eyes shine with joy, you never fight with your partner, and you’re happy. Romance is in the air: candies, flowers, kisses… That’s the honeymoon period with its romantic ideas and atmosphere.

However, it never lasts long. Once it is over, reality comes. For many couples, it means the end of romance in relationships.


No matter how long you’ve been together with your second half, keeping your relationship romantic is a proven way to stay happy.

It’s in human’s nature to crave for romance that makes people feel special and valued. And being romantic is a way to strengthen your bond.

“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.”

~ Elinor Glyn

While there are many well-known ways to be romantic with your girlfriend, women should also take care of their men as a happy relationship needs nurturing of two people.

Why bother?

The bottom line? To keep your long-term relationship strong and fresh, understand how to get the romance back in a relationship. After all, if you have a desire to keep a strong and healthy relationship with your partner, it doesn’t require much work.

So, are you wondering how to bring back the romance in a relationship? Pay attention to the list of romantic ideas:

These simple romantic ideas will help you revive romance in your long-term relationship or marriage

1. Ask Your Second Half Out

When people start dating, they often go out to spend time together and understand each other better. Once people become closer, they prefer to spend time at home: watching series and eating something tasty.

At first blush, it makes you feel closer to a partner. But over the long haul, it destroys romance. If you want to get rid of routine in relationships and revive romance, think about the romantic ideas that will help you bring it back.

One of the best romantic ideas is to take your beloved person back to the start of your dating. And inviting your second half to go out is a great way to spark up your relationship.

Moreover, it’s more likely you know what your partner loves, it’s easier for you to create a perfect date to bring romance to your relationship.

2. Give a Gift

If you give a gift on a special event, that’s great. If you give gifts without any reasons, that’s even better!

Gift-giving has become an important element of building a strong connection with beloved people. No matter how much a gift costs, it shows how much you value the person and his or her tastes.

Choosing from a variety of gift ideas, you have many opportunities to find something special for your dearest & nearest. What is more, giving a gift is a way to show off your care and remind about your love.

3. Pay a Compliment

One of the cheapest yet effective ways to brighten someone’s day is paying a compliment. When you give a sincere compliment, you build trust and add romance to your normal day.

Looking for romantic ideas for your man? Think about giving a compliment!

Believe it or not, both women and men are obsessed with the idea of getting compliments. We want to be approved by other people, and hearing good words from others is a way to improve our self-esteem, and therefore well-being.

More often than not, people get compliments about their appearance. However, it can make people happier if you look beyond their bodies and mention something special about their preferences, views, actions, and sayings.

4. Do Something Together

First things first: Couples who do new and exciting activities are more satisfied with their relationships, according to one survey. Spending quality time together gets you closer to your partner.

It doesn’t matter what you choose, whether you want to watch romantic movies, take up a hobby, or snuggle, doing something together tightens the bond between people in love.

Actually, when you do things together, you get used to spending much time with your second half, adapting to his or her preferences. As a result, it minimizes the risk of quarrels and makes your relationship stronger and healthier.

5. Make Yourself Happy

Do you want to know other romantic ideas about how to revive romance in a relationship? Start with yourself!

Being a happy person helps to get a focus off your problems and think about positive moments more often. Thus, you need to make yourself happy: do what you love, take up an interesting hobby, love your appearance. All in all, you need to be satisfied with your life.

Once you’re genuinely happy, you want to deliver positive vibes to your partner. As a result, you become more attentive to your second half, paying much attention to his or her needs.

In Few Words

It’s harsh but true: when there is no romance in your relationship, love dies. After all, it’s not just about getting butterflies in the stomach. It’s also about putting much effort, so knowing how to create romance is a must.

Do you put effort into making your relationship more romantic? What are your favorite romantic ideas?

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