These Cute Animated Illustrations Show What True Happiness Really Looks Like

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True Happiness in Everyday Life

What is true happiness? Since the beginning of humanity, this question has been probably asked millions of times.

No matter where and in what time period, human beings always tried to find the key to happiness and understand what the sense of being is. But in the end, any person who tends to reflect on life and themselves realizes that true happiness can be found in simple, everyday things.

Remember the quote by Kurt Vonnegut?Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things.”

Japanese illustrator Maori Sakai seems to have perfectly captured what everyday happiness is like. Her charming animated illustrations depict those special little moments in everyday life, which make a person truly happy.

These inspirational drawings remind us how important it is to appreciate happy moments you spend with your loved ones and how simple things, such as a cup of coffee or a good book, can make our day.


02-What True Happiness Really Looks Like


03-What True Happiness Really Looks Like

01-What True Happiness Really Looks Like


There is something childish and innocent about Sakai’s art – those flowers and butterflies in her drawings can remind you of your carefree childhood when you spent all day in your granny’s garden, chasing butterflies and bugs.


04-What True Happiness Really Looks Like

05-What True Happiness Really Looks Like


Sakai loves drawing seasonal scenes, showing a particular affection for fall. Her illustrations depicting falling leaves evoke the feeling of warmth and comfort, which inspires you to make yourself a cup of tea and get wrapped in a blanket, enjoying a rainy view from your window.


08-What True Happiness Really Looks Like

06-What True Happiness Really Looks Like

07-What True Happiness Really Looks Like


There’s beauty in nature and in daily experiences,” Sakai told mymodernmet. “I think most people depend on others or a lot of money to feel this happiness, but I think, happiness is always a state of mind.”

By Valerie S.

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These Cute Animated Illustrations Show What True Happiness Really Looks Like

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