For centuries, native tribes and populations all over the world have used crystals for healing.

You may have seen them becoming more fashionable by hippies in the last century, but there is a reason for that. Healers, shamans, priests and spiritual seekers have used crystals for the powerful minerals that the crystals contain.

Every crystal comes with healing power, whether it is to help with stress, anxiety or other common health problems, and are used today in alternative medicine.

Some people keep crystals in their home in order to receive the health benefits of a particular crystal or they wear the crystal around their neck as a piece of jewelry.

It is believed that the effects of the crystals can be stronger when they are placed on the body and that by choosing the relevant crystal you can alter and improve some areas of your life.

Here are the top 10 healing crystals and their healing powers:

1. Amethyst

healing crystals amethyst lifeadvancer

Helps to alleviate headaches and tiredness, Amethyst is said to promote good dreams and skin, as well as supporting bones and joints and the respiratory system.

2. Opals

healing crystals opal lifeadvancer

Great for PMS and headaches, Opals increase creativity and inspiration.

3. Quartz

healing crystals quatrz lifeadvancer

Perfect for students who are lacking in energy and focus, Quartz eases stress and anxiety and clears negative energy.

4. Bloodstone

healing crystals Bloodstone Lifeadvancer

Great as a calming influence if you have suffered from emotional turmoil or grief, Bloodstone is also good for grounding and centering.

5. Jade

healing-crystals Jade lifeadvancer

The stone of the heart, Jade can be used to attract and enhance love, as well as for lung and kidney problems, and for immune system malfunctions.

6. Lapis Lazuli

healing crystals lapis lazuli lifeadvancer

The combination of minerals in Lapis Lazuli is used for protection and mental clarity. The crystal has healing powers that help with insomnia, headaches and sinus ailments.

7. Citrine

healing-crystals citrine lifeadvancer

Used to clear negativity, Citrine is the stone of good fortune and good luck.

8. Agate

healing crystals agathe lifeadvancer

Originally used by ancient warriors to make them victorious in battle, Agate gives people emotional strength, self-confidence and rids them of their fears.

9. Onyx

healing-crystals onyx lifeadvancer

Used to increase stamina and self-control, Black Onyx can assist with social challenges in life.

10. Garnet

healing crystals garnet lifeadvancer

Known to help with nightmares, Garnet can also be used to help alleviate depression, back pain, ADD/ADHD and help strengthen the immune system.

How to Use Healing Crystals

You can put the crystals in your garden, in a bowl (to create a zen garden), wear them as jewelry, keep them in your purse, or place them around the house.

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