There was a time everyone used to ignore butter. People had stopped using it on their bread, given the fact that it is rich in calories. But it looks as if there is a change in the air.

People are using butter in their coffee as a substitute for cream and sugar.

Well, that definitely looks like a lifestyle choice rather than a fad.And why not when butter is good for your health! Opt for grass-fed butter and an unsalted version to reap its goodness.

And I am sure, you will be wondering about this fuss about grass-fed butter. So here it is!

Cows, most of the time, are soy or corn fed as it is cheap and keeps them filling. However, cows are ideally meant to eat grass. The digestive system of cows does not possess the potential to digest soy and corn the right way, which causes their milk to generate fats that are not good for the human body.

On the other hand, grass-fed cows yield the best milk and the butter prepared from such a cow’s milk can only improve your health.

So now that you know why you should opt for grass-fed butter, let me give you five interesting and tempting reasons for adding butter to your coffee!

1. A good source of healthy fats!

Grass-fed butter contains healthy fats that possess the potential to keep the cholesterol levels under control. You get the omega 3 and omega 6 in the best possible ratio which helps in lowering the total body fat.

Butter also contains vitamin K in good doses, which shields you from the threat of cardiac conditions.

2. Good for your neurological system!

The healthy fats from grass-fed butter are beneficial for your brain and help the body in the membrane and hormone synthesis. Butyrate is a short chain fatty acid that improves your metabolic rate.

It also helps in lowering the risk of various neurodegenerative conditions. It also works an anti-inflammatory agent, shielding your heart from chronic diseases.

3. Help in trimming!

Adding butter to your morning coffee helps in slimming. Grass-fed butter is a rich source of conjugated linoleic acid that can help in lowering the net body mass in obese and overweight people.

4. Improves your cognitive powers!

Adding butter to your coffee enhances your cognitive powers; your energy levels will also get a boost. Studies suggest that you will feel your energy and memory levels working at the highest potential for about 6 hours of drinking “bulletproof” coffee.

The addition of coconut oil to this drink enriches it with an additional dose of healthy fats. This will trigger the production of ketones that keep up the energy levels.

5. A great alternative to your breakfast!

Add just two tablespoons of butter to your coffee and you will be enjoying the benefits of a wholesome breakfast. This is also a healthier alternative while you are on the go. Butter gives you the required levels of fats and proteins while showcasing the performance of a good carbohydrate.

If you have decided that you will be enjoying your coffee with butter, then ensure that you are picking up the highest quality coffee beans. Dave Asprey, an entrepreneur, bio-hacker and the father of “bulletproof” coffee, suggests the inclusion of medium chain triglycerides in the coffee to reap the benefits.

So are you ready to try a creamier coffee? Check out this recipe right here!

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    Jessica Bowden I’m doing this tomorrow- I have a stock of this grass fed butter in the frigidaire.

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    Andrey Hropin что думаешь?

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      😛 challenge ?

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    well i m not sure if i would like to try this to be honest !! ;P

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    Skyleur Steffensen

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    Lol kerrygold butter this has to b a joke ?

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    Brit Boone you go first.

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      You take the butter, I’ll add maple syrup and we can split a pancake.

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    I like Brit’s idea Matt…butter in coffee equals GROSS!!

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    i m afraid it’s not :p but to be honest i would like to try a little bit of this thing =)

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    Niamh is from Kerry so that’s wot she meant. It sounds good to me

  11. Astrid

    Fantastic article!

    Yes, in fact butter from grass-fed beef contains CLA– a fatty acid that is essential for good brain, cardio-vascular mainly the arteries and as a bonus aids in slimming down but not necessarily loosing weight.

    I love to add coconut oil to my coffee which is different but has amazing benefits as well.

  12. M. A. Saunders

    Another fad to encourage orthorexia nervosa. How to you prove the milk is grass fed ? Don’t people drink coffee whilst eating buttered toast. Have you thought of the effect on the gall bladder of 2 TABLESPOONSFUL. A teaspoon of butter would render it undrinkable, but swallowing fats without carbohydrates is inadvisable.

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