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5 Foods I Stopped Buying at the Grocery Store and Why You Should Do the Same

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It may seem easier to buy all of your grocery items under one roof. The invention of the grocery store seemed like a great idea, but what are the realities in your body and your bank balance? In one word, bad. In order to produce and sell a wide range of goods, and make them last for a long time in the store, the superstores have lost a great deal of quality in the items. So much so, that there are some foods that you


Why Everyone Is Suddenly Putting Butter in Their Coffee

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There was a time everyone used to ignore butter. People had stopped using it on their bread, given the fact that it is rich in calories. But it looks as if there is a change in the air. People are using butter in their coffee as a substitute for cream and sugar. Well, that definitely looks like a lifestyle choice rather than a fad. And why not when butter is good for your health! Opt for grass-fed butter and an unsalted version to reap its goodness.