This is a person’s life and sometimes they need to take a stand.

Even though they have no control over the things done to them, they can choose not to be lessened by them. They can decide not to let the opinions and actions of others occupy their mind and heart.

They have control over who they stand beside and who to let go. When others push their views, remember that these views do not have to be accepted.

Now is the time to follow these steps towards a better life. Here are 20 things you should stop letting people do to you:

1. Don’t get dragged into unnecessary arguments.

People should never squander their precious time attempting to clarify themselves to those who have confirmed that they’re always bound to misread them. The dignity and intellect of people are never identified by the arguments they may have won. They have voiced that it simply wasn’t worth their time.

2. Don’t drown in negativity.

Remaining positive is a choice everyone has, and they need to be intelligent enough to turn away from any negativity. It has never been worth the time to dwell on things that are negative.

3. Don’t be ashamed of the scars.

The scars people carry are remembrances of their real past and show they’ve now moved on. Don’t be afraid to own the scars as each one has a story that should be told.

4. Don’t listen to those who criticize.

Everyone is a beginner and doesn’t begin by being excellent. By having the daring to make mistakes, people will grow wiser and stronger. People should never listen to the ones that rebuke them for their mistakes.

5. Don’t be blinded by others.

The goal for today is to be a better person than yesterday and people only have to prove themselves to themselves and not to others.

6. Don’t accept any bullying.

Bullying is never okay, and nobody ever has the right to bully another person. Some people thrive on pushing other people’s ego right into the ground and then stomping on it. These people have to be courageous enough to stand their ground and not give them any latitude. The only way a bully can make a person feel small is when that person gives them the power to do so.

7. Don’t allow “friends” to be disloyal.

A true friend is a person who loves someone for what they really are and continue to inspire them to be better. People need to keep only their real friends close and also to be one a good friend to others. Don’t ever befriend a person that is disloyal.

8. Don’t listen to someone who continues to lie.

Whenever people find out that someone is lying to them, they need to speak up right away. These people that are lying will do it constantly because they believe they’ll get the person to believe them eventually. This is garbage and should never be taken seriously. Never take part in their deceit.

9. Don’t let others take advantage.

When people do things for others, it most likely won’t be noticed until they stop. People deserve better, and they need to realize that – this is not right. Try to be around people that are fun, don’t take others for granted, and won’t leave their friends in a bind.

10. Don’t be used as a back-up.

If a person isn’t available when needed, then they most likely are not worth being around. Don’t be their go-to person when they decide they have a little time left over.

11. Don’t let the wrong one get between.

People need to be with those who they love and not the ones who refuse love. Be around those who brighten the day just by being there.

12. Don’t hate them back.

One should never let hate into their heart no matter how disgraceful the act was that someone did. No good comes from trying to fight the hatred with hate. It’s harmful to the mind, body, and soul.

13. Don’t allow grudges to take hold.

It should always be remembered that the first person that apologizes becomes the bravest. And the first one to forgive the other winds up being the strongest. Finally, the first one that decides to move on is always the happiest.

14. Don’t let others try to poison the present.

One’s life is really too short to battle with their past and to deal with others who keep bringing it up. There are jealous people that want the past to ruin a person’s present life. If a person acknowledges these actions, they’re helping them. Just move on by practicing forgiveness and acceptance. One of the first steps to being happy is to let the past go.

15. Don’t believe that change is bad.

There are things that can’t be modified, but a person can change. People need to go with the flow because changes always happen for a reason. It may not be an easy thing to do, but it’ll always be worthwhile.

16. Don’t be misguided by others.

People shouldn’t allow others to interfere with pursuits that are meaningful to them. Stay on the path and move with the ideas and activities that are important.

17. Don’t listen to negativity.

When people decide on a path to take, life will attempt to test them as to how serious they are in their pursuit. There may even be some feedback that’s negative. No one should ever allow their spirit to be crushed by another person. It doesn’t matter what other people think so continue to be passionate and pursue those dreams.

18. Don’t let others discourage the efforts.

Difficult times will usually lead a person to a great life. So, keep pressing on and keep believing as it will all be worth the efforts.

19. Don’t listen to schemes offering a quick-fix – Honestly, everything that is worth getting in life will take time and committed effort. Wishes can never make things change. However, as people change and grow in their lives, they can make the changes that will make a difference in themselves.

20. Don’t listen to others about being happy.

One step towards being happy is showing gratitude. Always be thankful for the things in life – that’s real happiness.

You have a choice. Life is too short to live by the rules written by others, so start to establish your own rules now and stop letting people do these things to you.


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