5 Things You Should Never Share with Others and Why

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Do you keep secrets or do you share with others every single detail of your life?

Keeping secrets is never usually advised, as it keeps issues in that can damage your emotional wellbeing.

However, there are some key things that you should never share with others and are best to keep to yourself. Sometimes, keeping things safe can also be helpful in creating success.

1. Your Goals

Keeping your goals private can actually make you more likely to achieve them. Studies on goal setting have shown that telling people your goals and gaining praise for setting them can make your brain produce the endorphins that it would have had you achieved the goal. This makes you feel as though you have already achieved something, so you don’t work as hard in the long run to meet your goal.

2. Your Personal Life

Your personal life is none of anyone else’s business, and telling others about things you get up to can open you to criticism and judgment. The choices you make in your life should be your own concern, as this will keep you from the unnecessary opinions of others, which can be harsh and demotivating.

Keep certain aspects of your life a mystery and don’t share with others every detail of your relationship and personal life. It will make you come across as a much classier and worthy of a lot more respects than those who run their mouth about all of their bad habits.

3. Your Family Drama

All families have drama; it’s a cross that every family has to bear. Yet, it is not something that you should be telling the world. Obviously, if there is something very wrong, telling close friends and partners can help to lighten the load and keep you supported.

Telling the whole world, however, can be disrespectful to those involved, and open your family to judgment. It is always best to solve your issues privately and properly with your family and the ones you love.

4. Courageous and Good Deeds

Deliberately sharing your charitable deeds with others can very easily come across as arrogant and self-serving, and this should be avoided at all costs. It shouldn’t be a secret that you help those who are less fortunate, but it also shouldn’t be global news either.

The same goes for acts of bravery. We face challenges every day and your achievements in these challenges should be rewarded appropriately.

Looking for praise and appreciation makes you seem big headed. Courageous acts are for others to deem courageous, otherwise, they are not all that courageous.

5. Material Belongings

Everyone likes to have nice things, and if we could we would have all of the nice things possible, but not everyone likes to hear about all of the things you have been treating yourself with. Jealousy is an ugly color on most people, but arrogance is even uglier.

Keeping your material gains to yourself allows you to make conversation about much more pleasant things that won’t spark up the green-eyed monster in others, and you’ll be deemed a much more modest and likable person by the people around you.

By Francesca F.


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  1. Cade Foster August 13, 2017 at 2:24 pm - Reply

    Selfishness is not a good recipe for friendships – it only distances one from the other and it falls into discomfort and untruthful relationships.

  2. Amanda Errington August 13, 2017 at 4:36 pm - Reply

    Basically share nothing then Who writes this nonsense. I personally think that a world without sharing is sad. What’s left to chat about?

  3. Cocks John August 13, 2017 at 9:30 pm - Reply

    what go through life constantly worrying about what you say and others reactions . no thanks , nothing to hide , nothing to prove . let others have that problem

  4. Damian Donohue August 14, 2017 at 12:01 pm - Reply

    A lot of people I know act and coverse like it’s a soap opera, a scene from from days of our lives or something like that, you don’t need to air the dirty laundry of your life to the world, and they way you act and coverse create either a positive or negative atmosphere about your self, so not that I really don’t care or have any thing to prove, just wish to give positive vibes and no ammunition for any thing negative, so the points outlined are positive considerations what not to disclose, smile, be happy, care and love each other.

  5. Lou October 15, 2017 at 11:28 pm - Reply

    Trust me this makes so much sense it’s untrue!! I wish so many times I had kept my mouth shut and not told my business to others, everyone is not your friend, be your own best friend, the relationships that seem to work best are the ones that don’t allow outside influences, people don’t need to know every aspect of your life

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