Changing and evolving are difficult things to do. In fact, they are so difficult that doing so or even planning to do so can drum up all types of uncomfortable feelings that aren’t very pleasant at all.

Unfortunately, many people interpret these uncomfortable feelings as signs that they shouldn’t proceed. So, they stop and so does the progress they were making.

If you are in the midst of making important changes in your life, here are 15 uncomfortable feelings that are actually telling you that you are on the right track.

1. Feeling Isolated from Others

Undergoing change at a deep and personal level is a lonely task. It’s something you must go through on your own. As a result, it is normal to feel isolated from others, and as if they couldn’t possibly understand what you are going through.

2. Having Difficulty Focusing on Tasks

Life change requires a lot of involvement and engagement on the part of your right brain. That doesn’t leave much energy left for yourleft brain. The left hemisphere is the side of your brain you use to perform practical tasks.

The fact that you forget phone numbers and names, misplace things or feel as if you must do everything twice to get it right is perfectly normal. It is a sign that the changes you are undergoing are deep and meaningful.

3. Feeling Restless and Anxious

Whether you are making a job change, a spiritual change, a relationship change, or something else, your emotions are in a continually stimulated sense. In addition to this, there is a good chance that your brain, including your imagination, is constantly in high gear.

This can result in stress, which can lead to uncomfortable feelings of restlessness and anxiety.

4. Irritability at Those You Are Close To

If you are making or undergoing positive changes, why do you feel so irritated at the people you love? There’s a reason for these uncomfortable feelings. The people that you care about are often the reasons why you don’t change.

They may unconsciously discourage you from changing out of fear of losing you, or they may simply follow the same behavior patterns that you are trying to break, e.g., financial irresponsibility. This can result in subtle resentments that can really come to the surface during this time.

5. Feeling Gripping Fear at Times

Change is frightening. A big change is terrifying. This is so true that you may find yourself in a near state of panic at times. This just means that the change you are undergoing is very real, very meaningful, and very permanent.

6. A New Tendency to Be Confrontational

Chances are if you are taking action to grow and change, you were really dissatisfied with many aspects of your life. Now, you have decided you deserve better, not just from yourself, but also from others. Because of this, you may find yourself ‘calling people out’ in situations where you would normally let things go.

7. Becoming More Dissatisfied

Just like you may find yourself becoming more confrontational with people, you may also experience and act on dissatisfaction in other ways. This too is a result of wanting better things for yourself and being more and more willing to demand them.

8. Feeling Lost

If you feel lost in the midst of making a change or growing, it doesn’t mean that you are on the wrong path. What it means is that you are dealing with new experiences, new emotions, new expectations, and ultimately a new reality. That’s a lot to deal with.

It should come as no surprise that you find yourself questioning whether or not you know what to do next or even know who you are anymore.

9. Feeling a Strong Desire to Be Alone More Often

This one is especially true for introverts who are making life changes and taking action to grow. You are spending so much emotional energy on the changes you are making that human interaction can be a major drain.

You may also have an increasing desire to spend more time in solitude meditating, writing in a journal, doing yoga, or engaging in other solitary activities to help yourself get centered.

10. Beginning to Question Your Friendships

When you make changes, you are essentially questioning your life. This includes your relationships with your friends. You may find yourself questioning whether or not you are still compatible with your friends, and whether or not your relationships with your friends are healthy ones.

It may be that your changed self just needs time to adjust before you can renew old friendships, or it could be that you will see that you have friendships that are no longer sustainable. The latter can be difficult to accept, but it is still a sign that you are on the right track.

11. Feeling Intense Sadness

No major change or growth happens without loss. Sometimes the loss is more tangible, such as the loss of a job or the ending of a relationship. Other times the loss is less tangible. For example, you may have decided to drop some negative habits and behaviors, and while you know making the change is for the best, you are still sad at the loss.

12. Dreading the Future

It is completely normal to dread the future. After all, you have taken what was a known, good or bad, and turned it into an unknown. You have no idea where your new path will eventually lead. That can make the future feel like a scary place. If you feel dread, that is perfectly normal.

13. Desiring for Things to Be Like They Used to Be

Familiarity is one of the safest feelings that they are. Even negative familiarity can temporarily feel better than change. There will be points in your journey where all you want is for things to be the way they were. In addition to this, when life becomes complex and difficult, it is perfectly normal to regress a bit and seek past comforts, people, and simplicity.

14. Having Strange and Intense Dreams

Strange and intense dreams, even negative ones, are the cumulative result of new experiences, new emotions, and internal and external conflicts. They are your subconscious mind’s way of working out a lot of heavy stuff while you sleep.

15. Desiring to Cut off Romantic Relationships

Emotionally, while you are making a change, you may begin to doubt your ability to give the time and emotional effort needed to keep romantic relationships going. You may feel as if your partner deserves more, or you may also feel as if it is you that deserves more. The important thing is to not make these kinds of decisions prematurely.

As you can see, some seemingly uncomfortable feelings can actually be a sign that you are on the right track towards your life purpose. Next time when you feel lost or sad or have a strong desire to be alone, maybe it’s time to listen to your inner self to better understand what you really want.

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  1. Kelly Mettam

    Very interesting………

  2. Lizette McGinn

    I have been experiencing ALL of these feelings. I’m in a transition: this is very reassuring.

  3. Diane Karlson

    I have been experiencing most of these feelings! Lizkelly McGinn. Be strong! We can do it.

  4. Marie T Martinez

    Mayte Portal

  5. Rachael Pimlott Was Gardner

    This is so scarily accurate. In bed feeling totally alone, having just been vile to my husband and worried to death but simply have to go for it

  6. Kenneth E. Logan

    I am so there right now. This is so accurate.

  7. Levy Schultz

    Powerful, Inspiring article. Number 9 shook so close to home. It’s amazing the consciousness, awareness, mindfulness, that I have noticed evolving over the last few years online, in social media, on Facebook, in music, art and television. It’s as if this new generation of young adults is tuning into a new frequency. It’s exciting and frighting, all at the same time. I’m so pumped and motivated to read articles like this, I want to know whats next for mankind, the human race, our evolution. All these feelings are flooding, it makes me want to write a book. There is a pulse to this type of thought, there are ripples and vibrations…and the echoes are felt globally. The more I write, the more I read, the more I practice yoga, breathing exercises, and meditate. The more I find articles just like this, that catch my eye, that I never noticed before.

  8. thendis

    Sounds more like depression.

    1. Linda

      I agree, it sounds more like Depression.

  9. Mark Wilson

    This is really strange, i feel like most of the 15,..been having bizarre dreams of dolphins, i just want to be on my own just lately,..thanks for the inspiration

  10. Yemaya Oshun

    I just relocated from a “safe” college town environment to a big city. Went from Social work to Corrections and are now having serious doubts after 5 months. I’m ready to quit without a two week notice and am praying for signs to do the right and best thing for me. I’m experiencing all of these thigs and just want to move to a warmer climate and get my Masters Degree and a higher paying salary. People will never understand what you’re going through. I just pray I’m victorious and get through it. Thank you for this article.

  11. Therese Williams

    I can really relate this at the moment. I have made a conscious decision to make some big changes in my life and am feeling all o these things, especially 6 and 7….and I make no apologies for it.

  12. Máté Ferencsik

    This is really good. And also these signs are all present for me.
    I’m at a part in life where i decided to drop out of school, and start changing myself while i still can. Training, both physically and mentally. Before i continue to university.
    Many loved ones try to talk me out of this, but i need this. I need change.
    I’m so stressed about the whole matter…But i must follow my instinct and carry on.

  13. Robert Jay

    This is exactly what I needed to hear, after iv lost my job and my relationship and decided to make a big life change and leave where I live way before both these things happened to me. Thank you for this writing.

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  24. Chris Maynard

    My life has been on track for about 15 fucking years then.

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    Michelle Oma kinda on point in a few of these

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  30. Joanna Arulraj

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  31. Mick Knight

    Sounds exactly like depression to me

  32. Jonathon Travis Bigsby

    Sorry but this sounds like advice on how to brainwash people into a cult. Isolate people from all those they know, and lock them down with ‘gripping fear’,’ irritability’, ‘dread’ and ‘intense sadness’…then soon enough they’ll gobble up any teachings to guide them forward against anything and everything.–When changing why not focus on the progress to be made? Rather than hatred, sadness and fear, which will ultimately cause all to suffer?

    1. Jonathon Travis Bigsby

      Ruben Martinez, ‘too much for you to understand’ hmm… not a typical cultish response at all. Look this forum is called ‘The Mind Unleashed’ not “The Mind Shut Down’. ‘Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people’… If I’m wrong and you’re not an ignorant zombie why don’t you prove it to me and yourself?

    2. Jonathon Travis Bigsby

      Patrick Ryan, I can agree with that on a personal level, the path to positive change is riddled with these feelings and challenges. However I disagree that they are what the article calls ‘indicators’/benchmarks for positive change. Much because these same ‘indicators’ are hallmarks of the suicidal, those who have given up on life, serial killers and cultists. To me ‘indicators’ of success would be some sense of fulfillment or some sign of effect on others, while the challenges are symptoms that (like you said) should be managed.—I feel like this article almost sets a goal for emotional instability rather than on life changing action.

  33. Wayne Davis

    What you might expect from “free” advice. If you having all or most of these feelings i would recommend seeking professional help not going it alone….

  34. Christyl Lane

    I agree with every one of these points….usually you don’t realize what is happening though until you look in the rear view mirror. The most life changing times are usually the most stressful as well. At least in my experience.

  35. Ezekiel Gaborni

    You are already stepping on the right track , turn back .

  36. Kerri Johnston

    I think what this is trying to say is that one might feel some or all of these things at some point during intense bouts of positive change…what it’s not saying is that you will be dealing with them all at the same time in defintaly. It’s perfectly normal to feel discomfort when moving forward in life, which is why so many of us stay in a rut.

  37. Dayana Fernandez Aldinger

    Wow. This is exactly on point.

  38. Dayana Fernandez Aldinger

    It makes sence to me because progress/change is never easy. It’s a hard long road. Change and personal progress is the reward at the end of the tunnel.If you can’t understand this it’s because you can’t relate to it, not because it’s not true.

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    I fit into about 13/14 of these…have faith !!

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    Haha funny , I already read this this morning. Seemed to fit ! Thanks 🙂

  46. Bobbie Stoddon

    I can completely relate to this, after making several massive life changes at the end of 2014 and throughout 2015/16. It’s been frightening and tough at times but definitely worth it. I personally don’t see it as a negative article as some have suggested but more a guidance to the sort of uncomfortable feelings you may experience, that you might not necessarily automatically connect with taking the right path for you.
    It doesn’t mean you’re focusing only on negative aspects, just acknowledging the fact it’s normal to feel these things and that’s okay. From my personal experience, don’t dwell on them for too long or allow them to make you retreat, acknowledge them, push forward through them – it will be worth it. 🙂

  47. Claire Beaman

    Feeling 14 out of 15 of these ouch !! Great article thank you

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    Dani De La Fuente, I hope our talk helped a bit, maybe one of these might give you some perspective.

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      It did:) I feel much much better about my decisions. And I relate too much to all these things

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  72. Kerry McDaid

    I hate to sound negative but, having suffered from it for 17+ years, these “uncomfortable” feelings sound very much like the systems of chronic depression. So I would be wary of any advice which encourages being alone with your own thoughts, being confrontational, etc.

  73. Rupam Köñär

    I am suffering from all those…I really don’t know my upcoming change is a good one or bad!!

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    Hmm I must be doing it right then as I’m feeling every single one of these at the moment!

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    Dre Joseph think I am coming through the other side of this. Glad to see its normal!xx

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    I could NOT agree more! This hits home so hard and it’s the embrace of these feelings/behaviors that has changed my perception of them.

    I used to think I was “weird” or “different” because I felt these things, but now it’s because I know I am on the right path, and the “traditional” path is not the one I belong on.

    Thanks for this amazing post.

  91. Susana Palazzotti

    Thanks for this writing. The 15 uncomfortable feeling happen to me in the last 2 years and all together sometime. And it’seems true to me. I would like to come back close to my family, to my old friends, I feel sadness and panic sometime but inside there a “voice” that tells me “don’t give up!. Thanks again. This article brought me understanding and peace as my first reading today.Thanks God I am not crazy!

  92. Avishek Chaudhury

    Wow. This is all me. Every single symptom. I thought I was suffering PTSD.

  93. G.L. Ritenburgh

    I think most of these are pure b/s, just thrown in the article.

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  95. Louise George

    tbh, all of these (except for the last one) sound like major depression is taking place, if you do realise you’re going through a ‘change’ then fair enough, but get yourself to your doctor/guru/best friend and talk, just because a ‘blogger’ says it’s because of those changes doesn’t make it true, seek professional help

    1. Joe Minicilli

      It’s called withdrawal, and you don’t need to be depressed to feel these things. Ask anybody whose been addicted to something, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be drugs or alcohol, and they will tell you what it’s like.

    2. Louise George

      and you’re talking out of your arse

    3. Liam Blake

      U are both right,I have been depressed in the past and have felt like that,and I’m off cigarettes 2 weeks and now feel like that

    4. Cortney Baisey Maier

      Depression is a sign that something in your life is off. Change needs to happen to recover from the depression.

    5. Maggie O'Meara Fedro

      Liam Blake it gets better. I promise.

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    With the exception of #13 & 14 I am experiencing all of these feelings. Not sure what to think I just know I’m tired of it. If change is coming, great it would be nice if it happens before I’m to old to care.

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    I must be on the right track as I am incredibly uncomfortable and a little lost. Won’t take me long to readjust my compass.

  109. Joe

    Iv Screen shot every single one that related to me right at this moment…. All 15 are locked in my phone now to remind me daily. It has given my flaims oxygen and now time to fire up and keep pushing… the dream is REAL. We all deserve to be our own version on happy! K.I.D

  110. Komagan

    Unbelievably true especially no 10.

  111. Melissa Baggett

    I am not sure this is necessarily true…change can be uncomfortable but if you are experiencing ALL of the items mentioned on this list I would say it is a sure sign you are on the WRONG path.

  112. cwh

    I never really have had friends, but the one that I do have has been friends with me for over 30 years. I have tried explaining to her numerous times that we are no longer compatible and I wish to dissolve the friendship. She will not accept this, I have even had to lie to her and tell her that I’m sick so I don’t have to deal with her or her drama. Last time I went out with her I had to go outside and cry my eyes out. She has changed and I have changed, and I just don’t know what to do to “break it off”.

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