What It Takes to Be a Perfect Woman in Today’s Society

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I am not a perfect woman, and far from it. But in case you’re looking for her, society has a distinct blueprint. I’m going to try not to get too emotional while writing this, as I am not the ideal mother or the perfect woman. I am deeply flawed and far from the female, bragged about in Proverbs 31 (It’s a book in the Christian Bible which explains what the perfect woman should be). Yeah, this is not me! Society has placed pressures on women.

11 Small Things People Unwillingly Use to Judge You

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People may judge you over small things, like how you drive. This phenomenon is what experts term the 'spotlight effect.' People do not typically pay attention to others, especially strangers, but they notice a heap when they do. It is usually over trivial matters, like whether you bite your nails. You may not think that trivialities amount to anything, but they have more influence on your life and relationships than you may think. Why do they have such an enormous impact? Finding out the answer

The Ridiculous Double Standards Women Face in Modern Society

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Women of today face double standards and unrelenting pressures. Bosses demand their full attention in the workplace, while their families crave for their company at home. On top of these obligations, they have to pay heed to their appearance. All this creates double standards an average woman faces every day. The harsh judgments imposed on women may be a norm but are unacceptable. Women must realize that they cannot, and do not have to please everyone. Trying to do so can trigger the symptoms of

7 Relationship Myths You Should Stop Believing to Be Happy

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Are you ready to debunk some relationship myths? If you’ve had or are having trouble in your relationship, you’ve probably received lots of advice. Sometimes it seems like everybody who has ever been married/in a relationship or knows anyone who has ever been married thinks that he or she actually holds the secret to guaranteeing endless love and happiness. And they are always willing to share the information and tell you exactly what the problem is and how to solve it. We enter into relationships

7 Struggles Only Unemotional Women Will Understand

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Is there something wrong with unemotional women? A lot of unemotional people (especially unemotional females) go through life wondering why they are not more sensitive, emotional and don’t feel as much as they ‘should’,  but for some, this is totally normal. It isn’t strange or a sign of not being well-adjusted — it is simply a different way of dealing with your feelings. Some people, as psychologists are observing, find themselves in an extremely emotional tumult even in reaction to usual everyday events, while others

7 Common Prejudices – Are They Holding You Back in Life?

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The word “prejudice” means “pre-judging,” or, in other words, to form an opinion or a belief without any factual or rational reasoning for it. We normally think of common prejudices as directed toward others who are of a different race, religion, or even gender; and we form stereotypical notions about entire groups of people as a result. There are, however, other prejudices too, and these can be just as irrational. The problem with common prejudices is that they limit us – they limit our experiences,

12 Common Myths about Sex Debunked – Infographic

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In a world that is ruled by stereotypes, it’s no surprise that myths and misconceptions are quite common almost in any aspect of everyday life. Having settled in our minds, they affect our choices, behaviors, and relationships with others. Most of the time, we don’t bother ourselves with wondering whether these myths are true or not as we hear them over and over. So, we assume that there is some basis behind them even though in most cases there is not. I bet you will