Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, shared these cancer prevention guidelines thousands of years ago.

The prevention and even treatment of cancer have been available to us for 2500 years now. It was given to humanity by the father of medicine, the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates. Hippocrates was born on the Greek island of Kos.

He was a pioneer in detailed observation for many diseases and provided treatment with the level of description which was made in a scientific manner.

The father of medicine developed a theory on how to be protected against cancer through nutrition.

The theory is composed of 6 rules which aim to bring in balance the 4 basic tastes. Without the balance of bitter, sour, sweet and salty, the result is a sickness.

The 6 Rules by Hippocrates

First Rule

The consumption of bitter substances like bitter almonds and apricot kernels have the ability to strengthen the liver and make it produce bitter bile as it should be to dissolve the fats, improve metabolism and decrease cholesterol.

The center for the cancer is the liver, everything starts there. A person whose liver is overloaded with carbohydrates and whose sugar levels are constantly high is at great risk to develop malicious diseases.

Second Rule

Add to your diet as many fruits and vegetables as possible, preferably have a variety of different vegetables each day, suggested the father of medicine. Green leafy vegetables are known to have a slightly bitter taste which is a great connection with the first rule.

Try to consume spinach, chard, lettuce, radish, and rocket as often as possible. Also, try to consume lemon every day by adding it in your food or in your water. Lemon water is the best thing to start your day with. Every morning add some lemon juice to a glass of warm water and start your day with this magical potion.

This will make the pH of your stomach and overall body alkaline. The cancer cells have a very low pH. The calcium, magnesium, potassium, and boron are stabilizing the pH. Lemon also helps the absorption of the calcium. Recent studies have shown that consuming frozen lemon can greatly help the fight against cancer.

Third Rule

Another food that can prevent cancer is onion companioned with the garlic. Onion and garlic have the ability to poison the cancer cells so that they vanish from our organism. Also, onion is reducing glucose in our blood and the insulin response to glucose.

Another role of onion is that it interferes with the tyrosine kinase. Onion, apple, and grapefruit contain Quercetin, this is a kind of bioflavonoid.

The quercetin is very important because it stops the action of a class of enzyme called tyrosine kinase. This enzyme is present in the cell membranes.

When this enzyme is activated, it is mandating cancer cells to multiply and thus cause metastases. By eating plenty of onions, you can prevent and help treat already existent cancer. This is something that you might not hear from the official pharmaceutical industry, but onion might play a key role in cancer treatment.

Fourth Rule

Hippocrates wrote about the healing property of green juice made of nettle, olive leaves, and parsley. This was an inspiration for the study of Dr. Max Gerson who developed the Gerson Therapy in the 1930s.

Doctor Gerson was greatly attacked by the pharmaceutical industry because his natural therapy, which consists of different plant-based juices and raw foods, seems to be really helping many people around the globe.

The Gerson Therapy is working on the principle of reactivating our body’s natural ability to heal itself: This therapy does not have side effects.

By following this therapy, you will boost your natural immune system to heal cancer, allergies, arthritis, heart disease, etc.

Fifth Rule

Studies have shown that complete reduction of foods, which are rich in carbohydrates, from a diet is bringing down the level of insulin and Insulin-like growth factor hormone (IGF).

This is also reducing the growth of cancer cells and, therefore, the growth of the tumor. In other words, a patient who is already fighting cancer should not take any refined sugars, carbs or processed foods.

Instead, a well-balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits and essential oils will greatly help reduce and stop the growth of cancer cells.

Sixth Rule

Hippocrates referred a lot to almond oil and its beneficial properties. Almond oil has a lot of vitamins like A, E, B1, B2, B6, B17 and also other beneficial elements. The element B17 is not a vitamin. B17 is amygdalin – the most important compound of almond’s healing properties. Amygdalin or B17 has a great impact on cancer, according to Hippocrates.

B17 is giving the bitter taste to almonds and some other fruit seeds. It has been used as anticancer treatment more seriously in recent years, mainly in alternative medicine.

We should have in mind that sometimes alternative medicine relays more on ancient knowledge than the official medicine.

The usage of B17 for cancer treatment is highly prohibited by official medicine, like any other kind of treatment which is promoting food as the cure. We have to remember that Hippocrates said that the food should be the best cure for any disease.


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