8 Fun Conversation Games for Adults to Help You Break the Ice

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There is nothing worse than an awkward silence! Often in social situations where people don’t know each other, it can be difficult to think of conversation games to help break the ice and start the conversation flowing. Likewise, if you are hosting an event that brings people together who haven’t met before, it can be a great idea to have some conversation games in your back pocket to get everyone talking. Never feel anxious about engagement again, with our list of fun ways to get

8 Questions to Get to Know Someone on a Deeper Level

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Meeting someone new is exciting but intimidating as well, but asking the right questions will make this meeting less frightening and will allow you to get to know them. If you ask about someone, you inquire into another life. It can be tough to meet new people because guessing just isn’t as effective as just asking questions about what you want to know. The thing is, asking the wrong questions can be offensive or hurtful, and you have to be careful with this process. This

8 Great Conversation Starters to Instantly Connect With Any Person

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If you’re looking for ways to connect with someone, then look no further. There are many great conversation starters that really break the ice! Have you ever noticed someone in the crowd that just grabbed your attention? Have you ever wished you could have an important discussion with your boss without feeling intimidating? Well, those are a few examples of cold hard barriers that need to be broken. Yes, I mean “breaking the ice”, a typical situation that has a need for great conversation starters.

15 Essential Communication Skills You May Not Have Heard of but Need for Life

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First-class communication skills are the keys to success in any area of life. These skills can give you an edge in the workplace, forge bonds with your kids and draw you closer to your life partner. Misunderstandings come about because of poor communication; it holds you back in your career and relationships. So, what are the secrets of getting your messages across successfully? Begin by finding out why communicating well is essential. Discover a few overlooked but useful ways of connecting with others. Why the