Meeting someone new is exciting but intimidating as well, but asking the right questions will make this meeting less frightening and will allow you to get to know them.

If you ask about someone, you inquire into another life. It can be tough to meet new people because guessing just isn’t as effective as just asking questions about what you want to know.

The thing is, asking the wrong questions can be offensive or hurtful, and you have to be careful with this process. This is one reason why meeting new people can be difficult.

The right questions

So, when meeting new people, you have to know the right questions to break the ice. You will need something that is neither just a shallow small talk topic nor too personal. The questions below can help you understand who you’re dealing with and help you make a decision to end the association or spend more time with them.

I believe these questions will help us save time and pain.

1. What is your favorite holiday, and why?

This is a good question that can reveal quite a bit about a person, and yet, it may not. Take Christmas, for instance. This holiday, if represented in a religious fashion, can sometimes reveal a person’s standards and morals in life.

On the other hand, Christmas may be anything but religious to other people. Learning about someone’s favorite holiday can also open up the conversation for more questions.

2. What’s your favorite drink?

This is a really interesting question to get to know someone as it creates all sorts of topics for expansion. If someone says their favorite drink is coffee, then maybe they are a productive person, and this can lead to conversations about work or projects.

If someone says their favorite drink is beer or another alcoholic beverage, then they may like to socialize and go out at night. Of course, none of the drink selections can 100% tell you who a person is, but they can be great conversation starters and give you hints of which direction you should go.

3. When you’re having a bad day, what makes it better?

This is such a fun question to ask someone, and it tells so much about their personality. Asking someone about what cheers them up is asking them about one of their favorite things or feelings. If the day is rotten, then maybe they love to go for a walk to clear the air.

Maybe you also like to enjoy nature as a refresher. You can find commonality when you discover someone’s sanctuary.

4. What television shows do you like?

There are so many forms of entertainment, and television is one of them. If you find out that your new friend likes television, then it’s time to explore their favorite shows. Maybe they love comedy, or maybe they get thrilled by a great horror show.

Whatever they like to watch will help you understand their personality. To get even more information, ask them to tell you why they love this particular TV show. There are so many reasons why a person is led to enjoy a certain thing in life, and this influences their character.

Questions like this can help you to get to know someone and make shortcuts to their personality. If you want to get even deeper with this sort of question, try asking them what shows they WILL NOT watch. If there is a certain show that they absolutely refuse to watch, then ask them why.

This will tell you a lot about the things they believe and tolerate. If they refuse to watch a show about infidelity, then this could be something that triggers them, and something they detest. The same can be said about violence and even religious or spiritual topics. There are many things that people just don’t have the stomach for.

5. If you could be any age, what would it be?

Deep questions like this one reveal so much about a person. It can alert you to their maturity level and to the way they see themselves. I used to wish I was back in my twenties, but then I remembered how ignorant I was and then I changed my mind.

Of course, if you really want to have fun, imagine being young with the brain you have in later life. These are some of the questions you can ask involving your preferred age. Ask them, “Do you wish to be young again with the brain you have now?” or “Do you wish to be a child with no worries?”

You might be surprised by what some people will tell you. Who knows, they may even share some personal childhood memories with you in the process.

6. What kind of art do you enjoy?

Let’s hope that whoever you meet appreciates art. Let’s hope they at least appreciate the art of music, for example. Now, if you ask someone about their favorite song, music genre, form of art, or work of art, I hope they tell you with confidence and help you to understand how and where they see beauty.

When you meet someone new, it’s so important to understand what makes them get that warm fuzzy feeling inside, or that melancholy obsession or that exhilarating desire. Whatever art does to them, I hope it does something.

I also hope this question helps you find someone interesting to share your life with, whether it be a friend or lover.

7. Who is your inspiration?

Somewhere in life, you picked up an inspiration. It was a person that left an imprint on your life – a gentle tug, a lasting word, or a beautiful embrace. Maybe this person inspired you through tough love, helping you grow stronger and more intelligent.

Either way, somewhere in life, for most people, there was an inspiring individual. If you want to know the fabric of a person, discover their inspiration. This helps you see the person behind their behavior. It reveals many things about their personal goals and aspirations too.

8. What’s your favorite season?

Some people like it hot, then others like it cold. Some just rather enjoy the cool breezes of spring or the falling leaves of autumn. Every person has a preferred season, and this season says so much about this individual’s personality.

Take autumn, for instance, those who love this season usually enjoy warm drinks, wearing fuzzy sweaters, and maybe even going to bonfires. Winter, on the other hand, promises the chance of snow and holidays. There are so many things you can learn about someone according to the time of year they enjoy the most.

Seasonal questions allow you to get to know someone you just met and are also fun to ask within the family as well.

If you want to know someone, then dare to ask some of these questions!

Many times we are hesitant to ask questions when we meet someone new or try to learn more about our loved ones. However, this is the best way to find out what we want to know. It’s even okay to ask them if they would love to have a question and answer session for fun.

Getting to know someone and asking them questions shouldn’t be painful. In fact, it can be the best thing you’ve ever done. Ask now, dear friend… nourish your relationships and avoid the pain of learning later on.

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