Fear of flying affects an enormous number of people even though this means of transportation has been around for a while. Let’s learn how to cope with it.

Traveling by plane can be terrifying, especially when you suffer from the fear of flying. No one truly understands how a glorified tin can is able to rocket through the skies entirely safely so that we can get from A to B (although we assure you it is!).

But, like it or not, flying is now a huge part of modern life. If you want any hope of a holiday this summer, you will likely need to take a plane to get there.

There are a few saving graces, however, to help you get through the flight this summer. Research has shown some verified ways that you can help to dull the fear of flying.

To make sure that you get the summer of your dreams in 2018, we have collated some of these ways below.

Using these, you can make the most of traveling, without the stress of flying anxiety.

1. Distract yourself

This may seem simplistic, but distraction can be a powerful tool in overcoming anxiety and nerves when it comes to flying. Take your favorite book and get lost in it; watch films, or immerse yourself in work. Instead of wasting time feeling anxious about something you have no control over, look at the things that you can control.

Take the hours that you are spent sitting down and spend them wisely rather than allowing the anxiety to take hold.

2. Accept that you are anxious

A lot of people try to hide their anxieties and act as though everything is fine. But these masks can actually make the anxiety a lot worse. The best way to begin conquering your anxiety is to accept that you have it.

Once you accept that flying makes you anxious, you can begin to take steps in order to address it and remove the anxiety from your life. Researching ways to deal with anxiety is one of the best ways to come to terms with the fact you have anxiety.

Taking on advice to deal with the issue can really help, rather than trying to fight it alone.

3. Try breathing exercises

There are a number of breathing exercises that can help you to relax when flying. Breathing in for a count of seven and breathing out for a count of eleven is a simple and easy way to take control of the anxiety that is trying to take control of you.

Focussing on your breathing and being aware of how the anxiety is affecting you is one of the best ways to take control over it. Accepting your anxieties is one aspect of overcoming the fear of flying, but taking control of the anxiety is what will really overcome it.

4. Learn how planes work

No one is expecting you to become an expert overnight. However, it can sometimes help to learn what is happening during take-off, landing, and the bits in-between. Take time to look over the security details and take comfort in the fact that everything that you need to run a plane.

There are usually at least three of them on board. Everything you can break, there is a replacement. Although planes seem like a small amount of space, there is a reason why they are deemed safe enough to be up in the air.

5. Avoid Alcohol

A lot of people use alcohol as a crutch for anxiety, but it can actually exacerbate the issue rather than take steps to solve it. Alcohol is a mood enhancer, meaning that the mood you are in when you start drinking will be magnified by the time you’ve finished.

So, if you’re feeling anxious, those glasses of wine will only make you feel worse. Moreover, it will also leave you feeling a bit sick and dehydrated which only makes the situation worse. If you truly feel that you need some kind of chemical to deal with the fear of flying, then you should talk to your doctor and discuss a prescription to help you with the issue.

Doctors can prescribe a magnitude of light anti-anxiety medications that can help to quash the fear of flying so you can feel free this summer.

When you’re afraid of flying, the worst thing to do is to avoid it.

Avoiding planes and long-distance travel can close off a lot of doors and opportunities, especially with family vacations and work opportunities abroad being so popular. The fear of flying is entirely understandable and it is estimated to affect at least 25% of Americans, which is 20 million people alone.

The important thing to remember with all anxieties is that you are not alone and there are ways of combatting the fear that you feel. With this article, we hope that we have helped you to feel a little bit more adventurous this summer.

Hopefully, you now understand that the fear of flying is something you can definitely beat.


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