You may think you are a daredevil, you might have tried skydiving, or even a bungee jump in a bid to get that all-important adrenaline rush, to feel like you are really living.

But let me tell you there is nothing is more “daring” than the crazy Russian skywalkers.

And, what makes them even more incredible is the fact that they are only teenagers, can you imagine what they’ll be doing when they are adults? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

If the pictures haven’t you with enough dread and you are wondering exactly what a “skywalker” is, then let me explain.

The Russian thrillseekers are teenagers who find the highest buildings in their city or town, climb to the top and then stand on the very edge without any ropes, harnesses or even without a hand on the structure, and take a photo. These courageous skywalkers are literally hanging between life and death to get the perfect snap.

But it might be a little more than just a wild photo opportunity…

Marat Dupri, a 19-year-old entrepreneur, has been credited with starting the craze after he posted unbelievable pictures of himself in incredible locations in the sky. Marat says of one of his first quests when he snuck past security guards and climbed to the top of a 33-story-high building without any safety equipment:

“It’s such a thrill; we couldn’t wait to do it again. When I am on the roof I have the whole world at my feet.”

And it didn’t stop there. Marat has been taking skywalking to new levels ever since his first rush for life in the clouds. Now, with a growing group of friends, Marat and his death-defying crew have scaled everything from construction girders to telephone poles in the sky. And they don’t appear to be ready to come down anytime soon, as Marat says:

“The height exhilarates me. I am enjoying my home town views. It gives me energy and fills me with enthusiasm to make new and great shots.”

Are you ready to have your heart skip a beat?

You could just do a skydive Marat? But we very much doubt he’ll give up now.

Whether or not the craze will catch on anywhere else other than Russia remains to be seen – could you do it? I know you wouldn’t catch me up there!

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