Binge Eating: 6 Psychological Reasons That Are Hiding behind It

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Binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix is not something that you need to worry about. As long as you are making enough time for other things. Binge eating, on the other hand, is incredibly serious. Overeating in all its forms has become an increasingly serious problem. A problem that many people do not understand properly. Although eating is a very natural part of living; binge eating is not. Many people see someone overeating and think of them as just greedy or lazy when really

5 Types of Eating Disorders and the Psychological Causes Behind Them

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Have you ever wondered what causes a lack of appetite or even overeating? There are many types of eating disorders and the causes for these illnesses just might surprise you. There isn’t just one type of eating disorder. In fact, there are more than a few types of eating disorders. Each one of these disorders is characterized by specific habits and fears. These feelings are just as strong as those with generalized anxiety or depression and should be taken seriously. As you learn about the

Signs of Emotional Overeating and What to Do to Stop It

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Emotional overeating is craving for food when you have to deal with negative emotions. Did you ever ask yourself why you indulge in a lot of food after a bad day? Definitely, it’s a way of distraction from the problem that concerns. The problem which is created is double. First, the relief is only temporary. Second, we consumed an excessive amount of calories from a non-quality source of food. If you recognize yourself in this behavior then you are an emotional eater. But what is

Eating Disorders in Men: Causes, Effects and Treatment

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When it comes to anorexia, bulimia and other disorders, we tend to think of them as a female issue. And while it's true that girls and young women are more likely to suffer from eating disorders, men are not immune to these conditions. In fact, males make up as many as 10% of all reported eating disorders, with those numbers rising all the time. And since more and more boys and young men are experiencing the effects of these disorders, it's time to pay closer

Everything You Need to Know About Proactol Plus

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Most weight loss products rely on clever marketing and advertising so as to appeal to the vast majority of people. People tend to fall for the hype generated by these products without taking time to do their own research. It is therefore not a surprise that for every person who succeeds, there seem to be two or more people who feel shortchanged because of impractical expectations and the realization that the pills are not worth all the hype. These “miracle” pills have flooded the market,