Love comes in all shapes and sizes, but did you know that you can categorize most love stories into five relationship types?

Have you ever thought about what type of relationship you are in? Of course, everybody has their own experiences with love, likely both good and bad.

It’s a smart idea to recognize what relationship types you are involved in.

Once you are able to distinguish this, you can more easily make decisions about whether or not you’re happy with your love life.

Read on to see if any of these five relationship types resonates with you.

1. The Rock

This is one of the best relationship types of all. When you find your rock, you have found someone who makes you feel comfortable and brings out the best in you. This person may ground you have had trouble determining your path in life.

This person is trustworthy and can help you make life decisions with your best interest in mind. The rock relationship represents most happy long-term relationship types. If you are in a serious relationship, however, and you wouldn’t consider your partner to be your rockmaybe it’s time to reconsider.

2. Break from Reality

One of the most fun, yet harmful relationship types is the break from reality relationship. This relationship is often very enticing to someone who has just exited a long-term relationship.

At least one person in this relationship type just wants a break from reality or serious life and wants to have fun with someone. The break from reality relationship is also common with someone who leads a stressful lifestyle. Someone who works a lot, for example.

This person wants to blow off steam once or twice a week but doesn’t have the time or the desire for a major commitment. This relationship becomes harmful when two parties don’t feel exactly the same. When one of the people in the relationship develops more serious feelings, they will be let down.

When entering into one of these relationships it’s important to voice your thoughts to your partner and make sure he or she feels the same way. You don’t want your partner to end up feeling like they arenot good enough.

3. The Trophy Partner

You have probably heard of the term “trophy wife”. This refers to a visually attractive wife, who is basically a status symbol for her husband. This type of relationship revolves around its assets and you better believe it can go both ways.

A guy can be the trophy in the relationship just as easily as a girl, and the relationship doesn’t necessarily need to be a marriage. Often in this type of relationship, one person is used to being the underdog socially, however, they have some other type of advantages such as money or a position of power.

The second person in the relationship is often good-looking or has some other qualities that easily impress others. This type of relationship can be strong as long as each party is okay with the dynamics of the relationship.

4. The Project

The project is one of the most fulfilling relationships…when it works out well. In a project relationship, one person feels a strong desire to help their partner achieve a certain goal. These people feel as if they are opening the eyesof their partner.

In some cases, someone will feel as if it is their life’s purpose to help their partner. Religious people often feel it’s their duty to convert their partner if they fall in love with someone who is not of the same faith.

This type of relationship could also involve someone who devotes their time and energy to helping their partner with his or her career.

Either way, this relationship can be difficult as everything is not equal. It’s easy to become frustrated when you feel you spend all of your time on someone else. At the same time, this relationship is usually long-lasting, as the project is never fully completed.

The “project manager” always feels that there is room for improvement and is satisfied by helping. Even when these relationships do end, the person who enjoys projects will probably continue serial project dating.

5. The Wild Experiment

This can be one of the most exciting relationship types, but often short-lived compared to others. Sometimes this happens at a younger age, such your early twenties when you just want to go wild. Other times this relationship may occur when you are a bit older and are going through a mid-life crisis.

Sometimes this relationship can involve something majorly different for you such as experimenting with a different gender than you normally do. Other times it may be a smaller experiment.

You might date a sporty person when you normally date a nerdy book-worm type of person. This relationship type can be harmful if you don’t take it seriously.

On the other hand, this type of relationship can surprise you pleasantly. It may lead you to a happy ending that you would have never suspected.


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