Do you feel like you are not good enough? We all have good days and we all have bad days.

When we’re up, we never feel like it’s going to end and when we’re down, it feels like we’re never going to recover.

Although it can sometimes feel hard to believe, even when you feel the lowest of the low and when you feel you are not good enough, this is never the case and you’re always going to bounce back.

There are times our confidence may not be at its peak. When you feel like not being good enough, here are a few things to remember that can help you get back in the right direction.

Focus On Now

The past is behind you and the future doesn’t exist yet. All you can do is focus on the present. Whether you have regrets about something that has happened or whether you’re doubtful or nervous about an event or situation coming up in the future, you should always remember that there is nothing you can do about these situations right now.

All you can do is draw your attention to what is happening right now and focus on making the best decisions for yourself in these current situations.

The best way to create a great future for yourself is to do what is right for you, right now.

Positive Thinking

No matter what you’re doing or whatever situation you are in, approaching all situations in a positive mind frame is key. If you’re feeling down and out, negative thoughts will creep in and make things worse. Always remember if you’re faced with a challenge, maintaining a positive attitude will enable you to make the best decisions.

There Is More Right with You Than It Is Wrong

It’s absolutely vital that when you’re feeling like not being good enough, you should always remember that you’re only human. Just like everybody else. Everybody makes mistakes and you mess up just as much or just as little at the next person in line.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself and accept what is. Mistakes are important for learning curves and experiences so just accept they have happened and use the lessons for next time, there’s no point beating yourself up over it.

Perfection Isn’t Always Best

If you’re down because you can’t seem to get something, or anything, right, don’t worry about it. If you spend all your energy focused on getting something perfect, you’re always going to be stuck on that same square. Life is about progression and moving forward.

Attempting to be perfect is great in some cases but it’s not worth getting hung up on. Focus on driving yourself forward and progressing while adding to your experiences, you’ll receive much more satisfaction in your life.

Care & Love Yourself

As hard and as strange as this concept might seem, caring about your own well-being and learning to love yourself is the key to a happy and fulfilling life. This means learning to accept yourself for who you are, not consistently trying to improve or alter yourself.

This statement also includes accepting mistakes you’ve made and accepting blame for your part of some of the more negative things you have contributed to. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, everybody does it.

Learn To Write Things Down

A great tip for maintaining a positive attitude in the long term is to start writing a diary or blog. This is a great method for writing down thoughts and feelings and should be practiced when you’re feeling up and down.

With the ability to get things written down on paper or on a screen, you can help organize your mind and gain a better perspective and understanding of the situations in your life.

Starting a blog is another great way to document your achievements in life and will help remind you of some of the great things you have done over the years! If you do upload anything to the site, being rewarded with a good review is a great way to pick up your mood and your confidence.

There’s Always a Way to Move Forward

No matter what situation you are in, whether you’re stuck on a project or feeling like the world is against you, sometimes you’ll end up feeling as though you’ve reached a dead end.

With some positive thinking and a new perspective, you’ll soon discover that there are always ways to pick yourself up and move forward.

Sometimes the solution to a problem may be hard to find but with a breather and a step back, more often than not, you’ll find all the puzzle pieces you need to create the bigger picture and progress.

Keep a Diary

As mentioned above, keeping a diary is a great way to track your thoughts and feelings over time, whether they’re good or bad but this point deserves more detail.

By writing a diary, you are able to fully express what is going on in your mind and seeing them written on a page or screen can, more often than not, open your eyes and help you deal with challenging situations or mind frames.

It’s good to go into detail when expressing yourself and write down as much as you can.


Although feeling down and like you’re not good enough is an awful feeling that can seem impossible to shake, this really isn’t the case. Just remember to follow some or all of these tips, take a breather, relax and look at life from a new angle.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you will start to smile.

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