Life presents challenges occasionally, as every Buddhist Monk will share.

We can turn these into strengths, with some guidance. A Buddhist Monk offers lessons that will open our eyes and push us forward.

1. Keep trying

We should, first of all, continue trying to overcome challenges when we fail. A Buddhist Monk will suggest that we should look at problems from different perspectives because one of them may offer the solution we need.

2. Answers come from within us

The problems of this world are part of life. Buddhism suggests that we can find the answers to them if we look within ourselves. Buddhist teachers give their students limited information to answer life’s tough questions. This test is to get them ready to deal with the world’s worries. Its aim is to prompt them to look within themselves.

3. You need to fail to grow.

Also, hard as the idea is to accept, we need failure to develop. The notion’s hard to stomach because our parents and teachers may have taught us that it’s unacceptable.

However, a human being learns through failure. Our mothers may have taught us life lessons, but they’re worthless unless we experience them. It boils down to the ‘half full or half empty‘ glass philosophy. Everything is a matter of perspective.

There are always two sides of a coin, as the monks will share. With failure comes success, just as right accompanies wrong.

4. The Enemy Lies Within

On the list of philosophies that a Buddhist monk can teach us is that we are our worst enemy. Our limiting beliefs, anxieties, and insecurities affect us and cause unhappiness. Moreover, we won’t have external enemies if we overcome ourselves.

5. Life is transient

Another of Buddhism’s most essential teachings is that nothing in life is permanent. We must accept this philosophy so that that life will make sense to us. When you realize that life is transient, you’ll have fewer unrealistic expectations and live a peaceful life.

6. Give up your ego

A Buddhist monk will teach that our egos cause us to compare ourselves with others. We start blaming ourselves and feeling inadequate because they seem better off than us. It also causes us to give up when we face rejection. Consequently, we become depressed. Meditation teaches us to give up our egos. We stop comparing ourselves with others and start to live fulfilling lives.

7. Have Patience.

And then, monks have a habit of making people wait. For those like ourselves who live fast-paced lives, it’s an annoying habit. You’ll find them arriving an hour late for lunch appointments.

If you let it slide, this behavior will not bother you after a while. In fact, you’ll develop patience that extends to all areas of your life. You’ll find it hard to get upset about anything. Patience is a gift, indeed.

8. We must have both kindness and toughness.

Also, remember that it takes compassion, tempered with a little resilience, to get things done. We often blame ourselves when we fail at doing something the first time because society has instilled a need for instant gratification in us. What we must remember is to have a soft, cotton-like exterior and a steel-like interior. Kindness is not the same as weakness.

9. Forget Others’ Opinions

Society has structured our egos to depend on others’ opinions. That’s why we’re always worried about what others think of us. To connect with yourself, focus on your thoughts instead.

10. Happiness lies in you.

Finally, real happiness isn’t dependent on others. When you’re happy within, your joy will show itself in the people and things around you.

A Buddhist monk’s not the perfect maths tutor, but he can certainly teach us a few things about life.

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