Ear Reflexology, or Auricular therapy, is a method of finding pressure points in the body, which has been a part of Chinese Medicine for hundreds of years.

Much like other aspects of reflexology, ear reflexology can be used to treat various ailments in different parts of the body, equally to and if not more effective than foot reflexology.

Reflexology is the ancient healing method that can be used as a treatment for a whole host of ailments. This non-invasive form of healing originated and evolved in Egyptian and Chinese medicine over 5,000 years ago and is still very popular to this day, with more and more research into the method continuing.

But let me tell you more about Ear Reflexology. Did you know that our ears each contain a complete reflex map of our body? Each of which is full of nerve endings and connections to our central nervous system.

By using Ear Reflexology we can pinpoint zones and points in the ear that relate to certain energy centers in our bodies, known as meridians. For example, our head is located in the earlobe and our legs at the opposite end.

For minor aches and pains, there are natural methods of treating, by drinking herbal teas or performing full-body stretches, but these all pale in comparison to the pressure points that are accessible to your ears!

So where exactly are these pressure points?

1. Back and Shoulders

The first point is located at the top of your ear the very tip. This area is linked to your back and shoulders and can help cure soreness in these areas.

Massage this area for as little as a few minutes each day and it can help resolve any soreness you are feeling in your back and shoulders.

2. Organs

Minor internal pain can be resolved by massaging the area just below the tip of your ear, where the bridge of the ear meets the outside of the ear.

Massaging this area can help resolve internal discomfort. Of course, if the pain is severe you should always consult a physician.

3. Joints

The upper-middle part of the ear can be used to relieve joint pain. A pain that may stem from the change in season or arthritis that can be cured without medication by simply applying pressure to this part of your ear each day.

4. Sinuses and throat

Cold and sinus infection can be cured by applying pressure to the lower-middle part of your ear. This pressure can help alleviate pain and soreness in your throat and sinuses.

5. Digestion

Minor digestive issues can be resolved by massaging the point just above your earlobe. This treatment can help relieve minor discomfort, bloating or gas. After a few minutes of massaging the area, you should start to feel better.

6. Head and heart

The area most closely associated with the major parts of your body is the earlobe. Massaging the earlobe can help promote a healthy heart and relieve tension in your head.

Massaging this point can also help rid you of headaches with only a few minutes of attention each day.

Every day minor discomforts can be relieved and cured by using the pressure points on your ear.

Bear that in mind next time you feel a niggly headache or stomach upset before you take your place in the doctor’s waiting room.


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