Head pain is almost unbearable. The good news is pressure points for headaches and migraines can effectively relieve tension and discomfort.

Headaches come from muscle tension, vascular imbalances, and strain. With this being said, it’s easy to understand how pressure points for headaches provide long-term solutions instead of temporary relief.

There’s more good news for relief as well. It seems acupressure points are pretty easy to reach.

Migraines and triggers

Pressure points for headaches also work for migraines as well. Migraines are a bit different from regular headaches. With migraines, there can be a number of stressors or causes. Drops in serotonin can actually contribute to the development of a migraine which can also cause the serotonin levels to drop further… interesting huh?

Also, other factors can trigger migraines such as alcohol, caffeine, certain foods, and changes in sleep cycles. Even changes in oral contraception and certain medications can cause migraines.

Reflexology for migraines and headaches

Pressure points for headaches revolve around something called reflexology, which is the art of applying pressure, or zone therapy. Basically, the areas where pressure is applied correspond to other organs in the body. Pressure applied relieves stress and tension, hence the success of pressure points for headaches theory.

Studies from the National Cancer Institute show that reflexology can alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety as well, and you know these disorders cause head pain and migraines.

So, without further explanation, here are 10 pressure points for headaches to help alleviate any pain or discomfort.

1. Third eye region (Yin Tang)

The point where your eyebrow ridge meets the bridge of your nose is considered the third eye region. Applying pressure to this region provides relief from head pain as well as allergies. Massaging this region can also help decrease any eye pain or discomfort, especially when fatigue sets in.

Pressure applied to this point also balances the pituitary gland, which is thought to be the hidden spiritual eye.

2. Drilling bamboo technique (Bright light)

Within the inner corner of each eye are points responsible for the alleviation of allergy and headache pain. Applying pressure to both sides of the nose in this area, for about one minute, can produce almost immediate results.

One of the most outstanding facts about this technique is that it’s one of the best solutions for sinus pain.

3. Joining the valley (He Gu)

I’ve tried this technique many times, and guess what? It works! When headache pain plagues you, apply pressure to the web of flesh between the thumb and index finger. With your other thumb and index finger, firmly press down for 5-10 seconds and repeat on the other hand until the pain subsides.

This technique also helps with constipation and arthritis. Just remember to abandon this trick while pregnant, as pressure to this location can trigger early contractions.

4. Bigger Rushing (Great Surge)

On the top of the foot, between the big toe and second toe, is the “great surge” point. Not only does pressure at this point help with headaches, but it can also alleviate foot pain, arthritis, and pain from hangovers.

Simply press down in this valley on the top of the foot for a couple minutes for relief. You can repeat this process for ample effects.

5. Above Tears (Zu Lin Qi)

This point can provide immediate relief to migraine pain. Just apply pressure in the groove of the bone between and above the third and fourth toe. This area is located an inch above the webbing of these toes.

Pressure points for headaches in this area also help with other areas like sciatic pain and regions which are affected. It’s important to breathe deeply while applying pressure to this area.

6. Facial Beauty (Stomach)

Two or three finger widths beneath the eye rest the “facial beauty” point of acupressure. Firmly pressing here provides many benefits, including headache relief. Pressing under the cheekbone in this location also improves complexion, circulation, and reduces facial swelling.

This is also another solution to sinus issues and nasal blockages.

7. Heavenly Pillar (Tianzhu)

At exactly ½ inch from the base of the skull and ½ inch from the spinal column, you will find the heavenly pillar point. Acupressure in this zone has many benefits. Relief from anxiety, exhaustion, insomnia, and eye strain are just a few added benefits separate from headache pain.

Of course, stimulation in this region reduces that as well.

8. Gates of Consciousness (Feng Chi)

At the base of the skull, on each side of the spine are the “gates of consciousness” points. They are actually a combination of two really important acupressure points used to combat headaches. Gently place your thumbs in these two spots and lean your head back.

You will naturally apply pressure in this manner alleviating pain, tension, sinus issues and also improving the immune system.

9. Wind Mansion (Feng Fu)

Tilt your head back and locate the center hollow just beneath the base of your skull. This is another great point for headaches and migraine relief.

Simply press this point for a few minutes until you begin to feel the pain melt away. A pressure in this area also helps alleviate dizziness, nose bleeds, and swelling in the head.

10. Shoulder Well (Jian Jing)

If you want to help with headache pain while also decreasing shoulder stiffness, irritability, muscles spasms, and asthma, then you will want to take advantage of the Jian Jing area during acupressure.

This area is located halfway between the base of the neck and outer shoulder, about 1 or 2 inches from the sides of the lower neck. For 4 or 5 seconds apply downward pressure to this area.

Repeat as needed

As you begin to take advantage of pressure points for headaches, you will learn how to instinctually use these techniques to improve the way you feel on a daily basis. Headaches and migraines are aggravating and can get in the way of your normal routine.

Thanks to Ancient Chinese and Egyptian practices, we have a natural and safe way to improve our quality of living while keeping pain from ruling our lives. Try these practices when you next experience headache pain and let us know your results!


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