Quiet women often get mistaken as shy or unsure, and this can make them seem undesirable or difficult to get to know.

Their cool exterior and calmness can make them appear to be detached and unapproachable. The truth is exactly the opposite. Quiet women are calm and cool under stressful situations and are much more in tuned to the thoughts and feelings of others.

They are in full control of their innermost thoughts, feelings, and opinions and have an inner strength that is incomparable to most others. If you take the time to listen to them, you will see why men prefer quiet women, where boys tend to go for the alternative.

There are a huge number of reasons that quiet women are revered with men, as they can make incredible partners and know how to have and maintain healthy relationships.

1. They fight for what is important, not what is in front of them.

Quiet women know how to choose their battles. They won’t fly off the handle at any fight, they will carefully choose when to fight and when not to. More importantly, they will respect the views of others no matter what the situation.

They will search for a solution that will make everybody happy, no matter how long it takes. When something is important to them, they will fight tooth and nail to protect it, so know that if you are important to them that they will protect you with everything they’ve got.

2. They know how to treat others.

Quiet women don’t like to make things all about themselves. She doesn’t like to boost her ego to draw the attention of the room, she respects that others need due attention and praise and is happy to celebrate the achievements of others.

Quiet women give everyone a chance to speak their minds and listen to what they have to say. She will listen carefully and take note of your views and the views of others and will remember the things you don’t expect her to, so she will know exactly what to say when it counts.

3. Selfless, not self-centered.

Ego is not all that important to quiet women, she doesn’t feel the need to draw the attention of the room. Quiet women are comfortable not being in the spotlight at all times and will give others the attention they deserve.

They also are more likely to act selflessly, as the praise and attention that these deeds get them are not what they seek, simply the happiness of others.

4. There’s a lot under the surface.

It is a misconception that quiet women are unsure of themselves or have nothing interesting to say. In fact, she has much more passion and strength than a lot of people. Their calm exterior hides it easily, but the calm pool is hiding a depth of knowledge and intelligence underneath.

Taking the time to listen to quiet women will give you some of the most interesting conversations about life, politics and the cosmos.

5. A strong sense of empathy.

She listens to your thoughts and feelings very carefully, so she is in tuned to how you are feeling. If you are struggling or upset with something, she will know about it and be there to help and comfort you as best she can.

She has felt the way you feel and knows you well enough to help soothe you, which is an invaluable trait in a partner.

6. Awkward silences don’t exist.

As a quiet person, she may not always feel the need to fill the silence, so although conversations may lull it will never be uncomfortable. She does not force conversations, so when there is a conversation being had it will be of greater substance than those that are forced.

She is comfortable in silence, and in turn, you will be also, making the time you spend together quality time, even if no words are spoken.

7. When she does speak, people listen.

Not feeling the need to speak often makes her words much more powerful when she does. She is intelligent and passionate, so when she puts input into a conversation it is always well received.

She may not be the life and soul of the party but she will impress those around her with her wealth of knowledge and obscure facts she has picked up on the way.

Never underestimate a quiet woman, she can give you insight that you may never have seen, and give you the support that you deserve from a partner. These are only a few reasons why men prefer quiet women, and there may be much more than you can find.

There are many more reasons why quiet women are unique and to be treasured, to find them you should get to know one.


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  1. Radhika

    I miss you

  2. Radhika

    she never felt the need to fill the silence, although conversations may lull it was never uncomfortable. She did not force conversations, so when there was a, it was of greater substance. She was comfortable in silence, and in turn, I was also, making the time we spent together were incredible, even if no words were spoken.

  3. asa olsen

    Had to be a quiet lady that wrote this ‘unbiased’ piece for sure. On the other hand “the better we communicate, the better we survive.”
    One usually finds in a couple a talker & a listener.
    And contrary to your beliefs, many men do like women who are outgoing & talk readily…even passionate to the point of expressing anger openly.
    Each person is unique.. So at the end of the day be yourself (quiet or chatty!!). If you are not yourself…who are you??!!

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