Introverts are known for being shy, socially anxious reclusive; however, this isn’t necessarily true. Sure, some people may also have these traits but more often than not, it isn’t the case.

The real defining point of whether somebody is an introvert or an extrovert is how they gain their energy – around people or alone.

Introverts prefer to spend their time alone to recharge, but there are also some traits that are common amongst introverts that make them the best life partners.

1. Introverts love a night in

If you’ve had enough partying or working, introverts are all for a night in with Netflix and a takeout. Preferring a night in over a night out any day, introverts are perfect for those moments when you just need to chill.

2. Introverts are thoughtful

Introverts take note of the things that you like, the little things you mention and are likely to be thoughtful enough to use them to surprise you.

They are not only thoughtful in terms of gifts and surprises, but they actually think through situations and conversations to get to the bottom of any issues that there may be, particularly when it comes to mistakes they may have made themselves.

3. Introverts are honest

Introverts don’t have time for insincere conversation and that includes being dishonest. They are more likely to be open and honest in situations that matter, meaning you know you can always trust an introvert.

Also, being so self-aware means introverts are not only honest, but they’re also knowledgeable and aware of their words, actions, and decisions – making them the best life partners.

4. Introverts make the best listeners

Introverts like to listen more than they like to talk. That means if you have a problem, or just need an ear to listen, introverts are more than happy to do so, and they’re naturally good at it.

Introverts won’t talk your ear off about trivial things (although they might if there is a topic that they are passionate about), which means they have more time to listen to you and pay attention to the little details in your conversation.

5. Introverts don’t follow the crowd

Another thing that makes introverts the best life partners is that they don’t feel the need to get other people to like them. They won’t be spending their time at parties flitting between groups of people, making small talk with everyone.

They’re more likely to think through their own opinions and not follow the crowd, something that can only been seen as a positive attribute.

Are you an introvert and agree with the above points?

Or are you in a relationship with one and think you can use these points to benefit your relationship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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