To experience life to its fullest, all it takes is to change your perspective by introducing some simple activities to your day.

Life and Destiny go hand in hand. Our hopes, dreams, aspirations, and grit keep us going through life. However, not everything is under our control. How do we experience life to its fullest no matter what challenges we face?

We sure are capable of making many situations better and suitable as per our aspirations. Or, we can change our perception for a better understanding of the events that take place in our life.

Acknowledging the fact that we, as humans, have certain limitations, makes us more humble and stronger to take life as it comes! And true is the philosophy that limitations come with an opportunity to act. We always have the power to decide. Yes/no, you/I, good/bad, I can/I can’t are some of them.

And so, even if we face the ups and downs, forward speed or falls, we can still experience life to the fullest, no matter what the circumstances are. As, Master Oogway said in Kung Fu Panda, “You are too concerned with what was and what will be. There is a saying: Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that is why it is called the Present.

By incorporating a small drift in our thought process, changing our perspective of the life itself, and tapping into our intrinsic human property called happiness, we can experience life to its fullest.

Following are five simple ways through which you can experience the fulfillment & abundance that life has to offer.

#1. Practice Solitude:

Most people go with the flow in today’s world that follows the tracks of ‘Get it’ attitude. However, it is essential to rest for a while and reflect on your thoughts. People can say a lot about the people they know. Try and ask them about themselves. You will see them going numb after saying two to three lines.

This is because they are not ‘familiar’ with their internal self. To get to ‘know yourself’ better, practicing solitude comes in handy.

Here is how to make the best out of it!

Talk with yourself: When we want to understand someone, we talk, we ask questions, try to gauge their likes & dislikes, and try to empathize. We make our best attempt to find all about the person we care for. The same approach can be taken by us to know ourselves better.

This exercise in return will tell you what you expect from life, and a further conversation with yourself will open doors for many achievements. After all, there is no better way to heal & feel than to self-talk, introspect, imagine, and reflect on our true-self.

Treat Yourself: Not many people like to eat alone, enjoy alone, or indulge in a recreational activity that does not require other people. Why not try it once, and experience what it feels like? It is crucial to forming a strong individual identity, and be able to see yourself as a separate entity in this infinite world! Being content with yourself is the key to ultimate excellence.

It is your responsibility to give yourself all that you want and need. Why wait for someone else to treat you? Go out and treat yourself for all that you have been, done, and will do!

#2. Talk with your Loved Ones:

Everyone is busy in this small world! Making time for your family & friends, and talking to them is a treat of its kind. Keeping in regular touch with our loved ones keeps us stress-free & strengthens the relational-bond. Sometimes when life hits hard, talking with your loved ones always gives you motivation and will to overcome your problems.

This is the best medicine you can take, and this can solve almost all your problems while giving you newer perspectives about the world & life itself.

#3. Write:

Write out your feelings, emotions, thoughts, and motivations. This may or may not be for others. The purpose of this habit is to tell you about your thought process, what you have already achieved and what does the future look like. Follow these tips to weave the habit of writing in your everyday life.

Write your thoughts down: Sometimes, you cannot talk out your thoughts, so writing about them seems like a good idea. Not only this will sharpen your creative genius, but it will also help you unwind with your newfound freedom.

Quit Overthinking: Nobody will ever suggest you think a lot about anything. Overthinking is indeed a curse! Most of the times we create hypothetical problems in the head that don’t even exist in the first place. Once you start writing your thoughts, it becomes easier for you to bifurcate them into important and useless ones.

This will also help you focus on what is crucial for you, and set your priorities accordingly.

#4. Travel:

Life has so much to give you. But are you ready to take it? The world is a beautiful place, and nothing will fulfill your soul as much as a new destination, people, food, culture, small joys, and spirit to keep moving! Here is how travel helps us truly experience life and see the bright side of it.

The joy of languages: There is so much to learn, so much to share and so much to discuss. The Ethnologue catalog of the world languages, which is one of the best linguistic resources, currently lists 6909 living languages, of which about 6% are used by millions. Why not learn a few and speak ten sentences in ten different languages?

Landscapes: 195 countries, thousands of cities, hills, rivers, canyons, and boundless skies, each unique and special in its way. Why not savor a few landscapes and find joy in exploration? Fabulous weathers, cuisines, cultures, people and memories make-up for the joyful experience that life has to offer.

Why settle for monotony when we can get it all? See the seven wonders, taste all the street foods, watch folk dances and contribute your moves. Live it, love it, choose it and chase it! This is how you experience life to its fullest.

#5. Be Relentlessly Passionate:

We spend most of the time following the herd and get lost in life. We lose track of time and eventually our passion! It is essential to do what you love to do. It must be something that gives you immense pleasure. Something that is always in the back of your mind.

Something that has all the potential to provide meaning to your life. It can be as trivial as collecting stamps or as significant as building rockets.

#6. Read:

Read as much as possible. Read good content. Knowledge is your weapon and your strength. Earn it, Gain it, and use it as life demands it.

In the end, remember, Life overflows with beauty and blessings. All you have to do is to see it and experience life to its fullest. Everyone is fighting their mess, help them, help yourself and realize that your existence has a bigger purpose. And your life will become fulfilling again!

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